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Why don’t some religions celebrate Christmas?

Viviana Silva (created with Canva)
There are many religions all over the nations that don’t celebrate Christmas day, why?

Christmas activities such as cookie-making, decorating, creating Christmas cards, writing letters to Santa, and Christmas movie marathons are not done by everyone. One in 10 people around the U.S. do not celebrate Christmas. They have not done any of these Christmas traditions and activities. Why is that?

Religion stems from a long line of history and still impacts the decisions some of us make today. One decision that religion may impact is whether or not you are able to celebrate Christmas. Two out of many religions that don’t celebrate Christmas are Judaism and Jehovah Witnesses. Judaism and Jehovah Witnesses have their reasons for not participating in the world-wide celebration of the Christmas festivities. Jehovah Witnesses believe that Christmas is not a religious holiday. On the other hand, Judaism does not celebrate Christmas because their religion does not believe Jesus to be the Messiah.

Christmas, similar to religion, began a long time ago in history. In the beginning, Christmas was derived from the Roman and European Festivities which celebrated the end of harvest and the beginning of winter solstice.

Eventually, according to an article “Christmas” by Hans I. Hillerbrand, Christmas became a religious holiday for many people.

“The feast day reminded Christians of God’s gift of Jesus to humankind even as the coming of the Wise Men, or Magi, to Bethlehem suggested that Christmas was somehow related to giving gifts,” Hillerbrand said.

Despite that, many religions don’t celebrate this holiday, Jehovah Witnesses included. Despite having similar beliefs to other religions, they may differ in this choice. Christmas may be something they do not wish to celebrate.

A mother and Jehovah Witness, Aracely Valdez, shares her reason for not participating in the celebration of Christmas.

“I have read the bible and it isn’t biblical. The bible does not state when to celebrate Christmas or if we should celebrate the birth of Jesus,” Valdez said.

Although Jehovah Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas, it is not something that bothers them.

“I do see that during this day people give each other gifts and they hug, but for me, I don’t need a date to hug someone or to give them something,” Valdez said.

Judaism is another religion where Christmas is not celebrated. Their reason for not celebrating this holiday differs from Jehovah Witnesses but gives the same result: they do not celebrate Christmas.

Emmy Cerda, a student and member of Judaism, states her reason for not celebrating Christmas.

“Christmas is a Christian holiday which does not match the beliefs I believe in,” Cerda said.

Though Judaism does not celebrate Christmas they, like Jehovah Witnesses, are not bothered by it because they have another celebration that is true to them.

“It feels okay not to celebrate Christmas knowing I have my own holidays to celebrate at home with my family and religious community. Instead of celebrating a national-wide holiday, I can spend my unique holiday with the people I chose and care about,” Cerda said.

Despite not being able to engage in the nationally recognized holiday, Christmas, they do not let that affect them. Both Judaism and Jehovah Witnesses differ in many things, but they can agree that they will not participate in the celebration of Christmas.

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