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The Spellbinder

The Ultimate Holiday: Halloween or Christmas?

Casandra Minchaca (made with Canva)
Christmas—a dazzling season filled with warmth and joy, or Halloween—the single day of the year that it is socially acceptable to scare little kids. What do you choose?

Black and orange. Red and green. Skulls and carved-out pumpkins, or snowmen and sparkling ornaments. Spooky movies, or jolly music. You can easily guess which two holidays are implied by these aesthetic descriptors. For you, is it easy to pick one tradition over the other? Halloween and Christmas are two of the most celebrated holidays in the U.S., but between the two incredibly popular holidays, which one takes the #1 spot?

While both festivities are complete opposites in more than just aesthetics, both holidays have gained an almost equally large attraction to the masses in the U.S. As the leaves fall and the chill in the air becomes palpable, the everlasting debate arises: Christmas versus Halloween.

Middle College students responded to a survey, and 11% of the student body voted for the spooky holiday, arguing that this holiday outshines the overly hyped Christmas. While the twinkling lights and festive carols may hold a special place in many hearts, the simplicity, creativity, and lack of pressure accompanying Halloween make it the superior celebration for many others.

Senior Kimberly Rincon is a Halloween enthusiast who sees more originality in the spooky holiday.

“Christmas follows one sort of guideline while people can be creative with costumes,” she said.

A research article conducted by Harvard Medical School states how, although Christmas can be a relaxing and joyful season, it can also be incredibly stressful for many who buy gifts and need to spend money.

Rincon expresses how she relates to this sentiment because of the difficulties she encounters when gift-giving.

“Christmas is more stressful since I always try to buy specific things for people but for Halloween, it’s easy since you just buy candy,” she said.

The remaining 89% of Middle College students voted Christmas as the best holiday with the season’s charm being unmatched by any other. While Halloween fans may revel in the spookiness of October 31st, there’s no denying that Christmas, with its extended festivities, family gatherings, and spirit of giving, outshines the one-night event that is Halloween.

Plus, not everyone likes the chocolates and other sweets given out on trick-or-treating nights, like Senior Magaly Silva who disagrees with the idea that Halloween is better than Christmas.

“I prefer receiving gifts because I don’t eat candy often,” she said.

Christmas is a holiday season that unfurls its magic over the entirety of November and December; a single night of costumes and candy pales in comparison to the sustained magic of Christmas. And, let’s not forget that for students, Christmas brings the gift of a winter break to spend time with loved ones and embrace the holiday spirit.

“Christmas feels like a happy time with all the music, and it’s cold, which makes me love it all the more,” an anonymous survey respondent said.

The festive music is a big influence for many people while not much can be said about Halloween with its sparse holiday music.

The weather also seems to be playing a role in persuading people to choose one holiday over the other. While some prefer the warmer weather, Silva shares the opposite sentiment.

“I like Christmas more because it gets colder. I like to stay inside, drink something warm, and be bundled up,” she said.

While Halloween may have its charms, it’s hard to argue against the enduring enchantment that is Christmas. Christmas stands as a beacon of warmth and celebration that transcends the fleeting spookiness of Halloween.

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