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The Comfort of Wearing Hoodies

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Hoodies can be physically and emotionally comforting in any situation.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve enjoyed wearing a hoodie so much then you’re in luck. Hoodies have been a common use of clothing and don’t seem to be dying out soon. The benefits of hoodies are still unknown, but they can contribute a lot to the people wearing them.

Hoodies are an essential part of everyday life; they were created in the 1930s by the company now branded as Champions. Although their creation began with keeping many workers in Chicago warm during the cold weather, they are now used for a multitude of reasons. Hoodies can provide emotional support and comfort to wearers experiencing stress, anxiety, or sadness. Additionally, for the same reason they can be used for stressful events where they are allowed to be. Not only that, they can be worn for physical comfort, as well. They are made of a mixture between both cotton and polyester which is what brings the physical comfort of hoodies to life including the emotional aspect. Hoodies are used for many different reasons and purposes, but those are the main ones.

Hoodies can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, particularly in response to specific situations. For instance, wearing a hoodie at a stressful event can provide a sense of comfort and security. According to a blog post, the cotton and polyester can make you feel as if “ you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket.” This sensation of a warm and fuzzy blanket can make the person wearing the sweatshirt feel secure and comfortable.

They are an agile form of clothing allowing people to move around in ease, without any strain. For instance, a blog post on the website, explains, “When it comes to ease of movement and casualness, this comfortable item of clothing fills the voids left by collared shirts and muscle tees.” As a result, feelings of anxiety can go away and leave the wearer feeling comfortable and content.

MCHS counselor Janet Montes shares her unique thoughts about hoodies as a way to comfort oneself while under stress or anxiety.

“If I have a sweater on I can still feel stressed, but it is still going to take me putting myself in an environment where I am, like, less stressed and if I put a hoodie in conjunction with that it can help me feel less stressed or less anxious, or, like, happy,” Montes said.

A hoodie can also bring less stress when choosing any other form of attire. They do not require much thinking to pick out; they are more efficient in that scenario. Therefore, they bring less stress to the table when people are choosing them out of their wardrobe.

They are a flexible form of clothing that doesn’t make movement difficult for anyone wearing them. Additionally, they are multi-functional as they range from being casual attire to stylish attire. For instance, they can be an “ease of movement and casualness” while also being a form of clothing that “can also make you look more stylish” according to the website Cottonique.

Montes shares her opinion on whether or not a hoodie has the agility and ease required to be an efficient form of clothing.

“I don’t think about it. I don’t have to try on fifty different hoodies to find the right one versus if I’m buying work clothes, or something like that. I’m gonna have to try on a bunch of different ones until I find what I’m comfortable with so there is that, like, ease,” Montes said.

In addition, hoodies can, also, hold a variety of important and minor memories whenever they are seen or worn by somebody. “For many people, hoodies are associated with positive memories from their childhood or teenage years,” explained a blog post on

Clearly, hoodies hold many essential and vital memories for someone or somebody. These feelings can bring a positive significance to the hooded sweatshirt.

Godinez freshman Emmy Cerda, shares her experience and opinion regarding the association of memories with hoodies.

“It brings good memories to me because I always think of my boyfriend whenever I wear his hoodie, ” Cerda said.

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