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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

La WizardPundit’s MCHS euphony #1

Alyssa Ravelo

CHRISTIAN HERRERA GOMEZ – Hello everybody! Welcome to the first music-based MCHS podcast. I’m your host Christian.

EDWARD MARTINEZ – And I’m your second host, Edward.  

HERRERA – And today, we will be rating songs sent from you!  Yes, you! The students of Middle College High School. These songs have been provided to us through a Google form filled by, you guessed it, you, and we are eager to listen to all of them. 

MARTINEZ – Sadly, we won’t be able to fit them all in one episode, so we will expand them into multiple episodes. But don’t worry,  if you still want to add your songs, a Google form will be provided eventually that will let you add new songs to be reviewed.

HERRERA –  Woohoo! We will be rating them on a scale of D tier to S tier, we won’t use the F tier as every song is a good one, people put their heart and soul into them, and we don’t want people to feel bad. We also don’t want to be controversial so we will be rating 10 songs today, featuring rap, Country,  and rock. 

MARTINEZ- And a secret surprise song at the end.

HERRERA –  Whatcha (what do you) mean by that?

MARTINEZ- Don’t worry about it, you’ll find out soon enough! Without further ado, let’s get right into it.  

HERRERA – Okay guys, so now we’re actually going to get into the songs. We’re gonna listen to them, and this song we actually know I think it’s called “Bangarang” by, Edward you go-

MARTINEZ – Feat. Sirah (Skrillex, Sirah). 

HERRERA – Ok, let’s play it. 

MARTINEZ – Very nice.

HERRERA – I feel like I’ve heard it before. It’s oh, okay.  

MARTINEZ – Oh it’s this song.

HERRERA – So guys remember some of these songs we have already heard before and some are iconic.

MARTINEZ – Like this one.

HERRERA – This song is great. It sounds good. That’s a nice beat drop.   

MARTINEZ – Yeah it’s a beat drop, it reminds me of them like 2018, 19, clips like, you know the COD clips you just like 360 no scope.

HERRERA – Okay. So, anything else we have to say about this song?

MARTINEZ –  I feel like this song, in my tier list. If I had to make one it would be a C-tier list. It’s not the best song.

HERRERA – Aw come on. You rate too hard. I’d say this is … at least a B.

MARTINEZ – a B? I don’t see it as a B. It’s like an outro and like it’s repetitive.

HERRERA – You’re right.

MARTINEZ – I feel like it’s something we should leave behind at 2019, 18.  

HERRERA – Regardless of nostalgia we gotta leave it. On to the next one!

MARTINEZ – This song is “She Smokes in Bed” by TV Girl. 

HERRERA – Okay. I’ve never heard this before, you know. Okay, I could hear drums in the background. No lyrics right now, but it’s fine. Okay, I don’t know what it says. 

MARTINEZ – It’s a slow beat song so its genre is probably Indie.

HERRERA – Yeah right now it seems it’s the kind of song that you’ll listen to, like on a slow dance. Or like, idk, when you’re just relaxing and don’t want to do anything. It just feels like – it just feels calm. Or though, this might just be because I can’t analyze the lyrics and don’t understand it yet. These are all our initial reactions of course. Ever so yeah. Right now I just don’t see anything special about it.

MARTINEZ – I actually like songs like this because they’re slow beat and relaxing. So I probably, certainly this one is different. I don’t like how it-

HERRERA – It might be the quality but I can’t really feel it too well and it does sound good but I am just not really into it. What about you? 

MARTINEZ – No, I really don’t like it. I give it like a D tier.

HERRERA – Oh wow.

MARTINEZ – It’s horrible for me. To whoever put this I’m sorry but, this was not good for me. 

HERRERA – Okay. Okay, 

MARTINEZ – Next one?

HERRERA – Next one, this one’s called –


HERRERA –  “Fire in the Hole”  by Steely Dan. 

MARTINEZ- We were interested in this one. 

HERRERA – Okay, it seems like okay, it’s got piano.

MARTINEZ – The first one with lyrics!

HERRERA – That’s good, we can actually understand them.

MARTINEZ – Christian is vibing with it! 

HERRERA – Regardless of the name, “Fire in the Hole”, I thought it was gonna be like Sheriffs or, I don’t know, but I don’t know what this songs about. 

MARTINEZ – You know, this one reminds me of like, “I’m just Ken.”

HERRERA – Oh my God.

MARTINEZ – it just has like, the similar, like voice. 

HERRERA – Yeah, it’s like relaxing the other song – “She Smokes in Bed,” but it also has that kind of beat just like “Bangarang”, just not too much. Yeah. It’s a good mix of them both. 

MARTINEZ – I’m unsure if we said the artist right? 

HERRERA – Oh yeah. 

MARTINEZ – “It’s fire in the Hole” by Steely Dan. 

HERRERA – Yup, it sounds pretty good. I’d give it a B. 

MARTINEZ – It’s the best one so far. So I’ll give it a B too. Do we go on to the next song or?


HERRERA – This is “The Crystal Ship” by The Doors, ignore the long pause. We just got a little caught off guard from this song. 

MARTINEZ – It’s very like, straight away. I’ve never heard of this song.  What genre do you think it is? I feel like it’s an older song.

HERRERA – Yeah, it reminds me of those old songs like “Stay,” “Stand By Me” and like those songs.

MARTINEZ – Do you like it? I don’t. I’m being so harsh but like-

HERRERA – You are being harsh in the ratings. And I thought I was harsh.  Let’s see, I just don’t know what to say about this song.

MARTINEZ – It’s different.

HERRERA – It is different. Yeah, but then again remember guys, this is our opinion. We all have different opinions.

MARTINEZ- If you want to go for someone, go for Christian.

HERRERA – Don’t go for me, he’s the one that forced me to do it. (joke, I am perfectly fine and am getting paid a full wage of $0 and a good grade). 

MARTINEZ – It’s a pretty good song. I’d give it a C tier. It’s one of the better songs out here. But in my opinion I just don’t think it’s an A tier or a B tier. How about you? 

HERRERA – There’s a beat drop right now. There’s a piano in the background. 

MARTINEZ – I don’t think that a beat drops.

HERRERA – Ok you’re right, womp womp.

MARTINEZ – Did you really say womp womp (-_-) – Are you gonna rate it or not?

HERRERA – Ok so… Fine I rate it a C, happy?

MARTINEZ – a C? Yeah, so we skip it. 

HERRERA – Yeah. 

MARTINEZ- Alright the next song is “Cruises” by Crane Wiv-

HERRERA – It’s “Curses by Crane Wives” not “Cruises.” Ohh jazz.

MARTINEZ – This one sounds like a Disney song. 

HERRERA – Really?

MARTINEZ- Don’t you feel the Disney vibes? 

HERRERA – Yeah, like it reminds me of “The Lady and the Frog,” the jazz. 

MARTINEZ – I feel like I heard this song before?

HERRERA – That string of the guitar reminds me of “Ratatouille” for some reason.

MARTINEZ – “Ratatouille”? The image of the cover is like a fox. 

HERRERA – Oh yeah, we have to put this on to the, we’re putting this on the tier list. I’m pretty sure, just saying, so yeah, I think it sounds good. 

MARTINEZ – I actually like it, the beat is-


MARTINEZ – It viby viby.

HERRERA – It gives me, it also give a sense of country.

MARTINEZ – I could actually see that.

HERRERA – All strings, yeah. I’d put it in – honestly, maybe a B+ or even A tier. 

MARTINEZ – A tier? 

HERRERA – I like how viby it is, okay.

MARTINEZ – I give it a B+ not an A tier! So yeah, I guess we go on the next song, you ready?

HERRERA – Yeah, let’s go.

MARTINEZ –  Oh, this one is in a different language.

HERRERA – “Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta” (voice crack) by-

MARTINEZ –  Pim – (Laugh Track)-pinela- this the quince-eañera 15 birthday song.

HERRERA –  Really? You had this song for your quinceañera?


HERRERA – This song is amazing, my family puts this song-

MARTINEZ- I know like every Mexican family, at least your mom has put this on the radio. 

HERRERA – This is a good song, S tier automatically.

MARTINEZ – S tier? I’d put it as an A tier because when my mom puts them on all the time, it gets so annoying.  

HERRERA – Oh you’re right, true.

( Us Singing )

HERRERA – Ok, A tier, although there is a backstory of the song is like, it’s actually a story in the song. 

MARTINEZ – There’s a story in the song?

HERRERA – She’s literally telling her husband to leave.

MARTINEZ – Oh, you’re right.

HERRERA – It is good.

MARTINEZ – It’s the first different language.

HERRERA – Oh yeah, the reason I said S tier in the beginning is because I got confused with it and another song, of course.

MARTINEZ – So, next song! This song is “Love Sick” by- 

HERRERA – Nujabes, I guess.

MARTINEZ – Nujabes, Sorry if I pronounce that wrong, like again, we’re not trying to be racially motivated or something like that. Ohh this one is like, this one remind me of beatboxing.

HERRERA – You’re right, I guess we can’t just judge based on the first five seconds of the song.

MARTINEZ – You’re right, it probably invalidated … This one seem more like it’s from the 90s-80s, maybe-

HERRERA – Well it’s not that old, hopefully.

MARTINEZ- You know like in the genre like funk is popular.

HERRERA – I don’t why it became unpopular, it sounded pretty good.

MARTINEZ – Yeah it was pretty good, but it very fast paces.

HERRERA – It reminds me of one of those raps songs I did.

MARTINEZ – (Laugh track) Wink wink wink wink 😉


MARTINEZ – So this is a pretty good song.

HERRERA – It sounds pretty good.

MARTINEZ – I like the art, the art style is pretty good (talking about the cover of the song album).

HERRERA – Alright. It has good jazz in there. It has a good beat. It’s consistent. There’s nothing out of the ordinary that ruins it every once in a while because that has happened in a song before.

MARTINEZ – It’s steady and smooth.

HERRERA – Oh there’s rhymes, there’s rhymes right there.

MARTINEZ-  Did you just realize they’re rhymes. (-_-)

HERRERA – I’d say B or maybe more.

MARTINEZ – I say, yeah B, for sure B, um… let’s do the next song.

HERRERA – Ok, on to the next song!

MARTINEZ – This song is called  “Never Catch Me,” by Lotus and Kendrick Lamar.

HERRERA – So…Ok, I don’t know what to say, for a song named “Never Catch Me,” it should have gone faster but that’s perfect.

MARTINEZ –  This one seems, from the images, looks religious? I’ve never heard this song so I can’t really-

HERRERA – Listen to the lyrics.

MARTINEZ –  Actually, it’s good.

HERRERA – That’s good rap, he’s putting his soul in there. It seems like it must have taken a while to make, it sounds like he put his heart and soul into it.

MARTINEZ-  Damn, it’s going fast.

HERRERA – It’s still going up. I feel like it’s still a beat drop.

MARTINEZ –   Ooh, that good fast (?) That was pretty good. I would rate this song.



HERRERA – Yeah, I was expecting something  different from that beat drop.

MARTINEZ – You wanted that Vrooom?

HERRERA – Idk something like, Idk. I’m rough, even though I can’t make my own songs.

MARTINEZ – I’d give it, A, like the first A tier. I like the consistency it has. (next song happens). Next song guys, it’s “Knee Socks” by Arctic Monkeys.

Both – Ayyyy.

MARTINEZ – Arctic Monkeys is a good band though, I haven’t heard of this song yet, but I have heard of “505,” and it’s really good.

HERRERA –  I haven’t heard of Arctic Monkeys, but if they’re the ones that made the song “Fish,” then I’m ready for it. Very weird name if you ask me.

MARTINEZ – How are Arctic Monkeys weird? They’re British.

HERRERA – No, “Knee Socks.”

MARTINEZ – Oh, I thought you were talking about the band name.

HERRERA – Soooo, yeah, cool name, though, but why “Knee Socks”? Is it a song about “Knee Socks”?

MARTINEZ – I think it’s a song about (hesitates) the devil’s deeds.

HERRERA – So knee socks are horrible like the devil, good to know.

MARTINEZ – We kinda have to wait for this song, this song is kinda slow pace so.

(HERRERA Vibing again)

HERRERA – It has a good vibe to it, just like those songs when you’re trying to act cool and just vibe. But I’m just not really into these songs. You?

MARTINEZ – Nah, usually Arctic Monkeys has really good song, but this one is not hitting. 

HERRERA – Bring back “Fish.” 

MARTINEZ – I’ll rate it, since it’s a decent song not the best, I give a B+.

HERRERA – B-, wow the first time you have a better rating than me. 

MARTINEZ – I guess, alright so, we have?-

HERRERA – One more song.

MARTINEZ – One more song? Alright. 

HERRERA – I’m pretty sure, let’s go on to it.

MARTINEZ – I’m pretty sure someone is gonna like this one. 

HERRERA – Okay…well it ain’t me, so it’s probably you, I haven’t heard this song yet.

MARTINEZ – This song is called “I was made for Loving You” by Kiss.

HERRERA – OMG (-_-), this the song you always hear in memes when like a group chat thing, like whenever this one person text a certain thing.  

MARTINEZ –  Really? You could recognize that with just the beat?

HERRERA – Yup (proud of himself).

Both – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

HERRERA –  I like this one actually.

MARTINEZ – It starts with slow and goes (starts harmony). 

HERRERA – But it’s got a good beat. I haven’t actually heard the rest of it besides the climax. So it must be nice to hear the bridge for a while.

MARTINEZ – Alright, since this is the last song we should probably-  (Gets Cut Off (-o-)  )

HERRERA – This actually reminds me of the song “The Night Begins to Shine” from Teen Titans Go.

MARTINEZ – Noo, wait I think it is based on that actually! 

HERRERA – Really, I didn’t know that. Good to know. Yeah, I didn’t know it was a love song.

MARTINEZ –  I think-you didn’t know it was a love song?  I was made for loving you? (wheeze).

HERRERA –  No, I’ve always heard the beat before but I never actually thought that this was the actual song. I didn’t know. Like some of these songs we’ve heard before but we don’t recognize the title. Yeah, like it sounds good.  Not much to say anymore.

MARTINEZ –  I mean … it’s a song that I would listen to like if I’m bored, you know. But it isn’t one of those songs that you would vibe to or dance to so I give it A+.

HERRERA – Me too, so I’m pretty sure that wraps it up. 

MARTINEZ – Yeah man I think we’re wrapping it up. 

HERRERA – Yeah, like I don’t know. I don’t think there’s any other song (that makes the cut).

MARTINEZ –  Maybe there’s just one more.

HERRERA – What do you mean by that?

MARTINEZ – Just one more, I found something in the files.

HERRERA – Oh my god, you found something in my hidden files? 

MARTINEZ – Yep, guess what I found.

HERRERA – I don’t know, a turkey sandwich? (inside joke)

MARTINEZ- I found your old song from –

HERRERA – (Recognizes it) – Bro, I made that in middle school

MARTINEZ – Alright, are you ready guys?

HERRERA – Get ready to hear greatness ( I made it under an hour).

MARTINEZ – We’re about to listen to Christian’s song. What is it called?

HERRERA –  “Elephant Rap.” Okay so here’s some backstory to this song before we listen to it. (OMG I can’t believe you found it) It was for a presentation, we had to make a song or poem or something, I chose to make a song about being a Republican and why it is good. ( OMG, I don’t want to hear this) But I already know it is an automatic S tier.

MARTINEZ- Alright alright, I’ll listen to it, I haven’t heard it, I just found it. It said, “Christian’s old songs, top secret, do not click.” I don’t know why he would name that but, but alright.

 (song plays)

MARTINEZ –  Oh my god not the freebie’s from YouTube.

HERRERA – That wasn’t from YouTube (offended). I got an A+ on that assignment just saying, so it was worth it.


HERRERA – Yes, for singing this beauty.

 (the best song plays in the background, while Herrera sings parts of it every once in a while).

HERRERA –  Very good, Very good indeed, that’s an automatic S tier.

MARTINEZ – I think I’m gonna have to put that on the F tier. Not gonna lie.

HERRERA – (Takes a deep breath in the background)

MARTINEZ – Man I’m sorry. But like, we just have to add the new tier.

 HERRERA –  Please excuse me while I strangle this guy.

( A crime gets committed)….(not really)

HERRERA –  (taking a deep breath to recover). Well, that’s the end of our podcast! I hope you enjoyed listening.  Unfortunately, Edward landed in the hospital because of how badly he rated my song. He had it coming, he offended me so bad.  Anyway, out of all my songs, I enjoyed my song because obviously I am the best song maker there is. But I am obligated to say which song was the second best :/. And that one was “ I Was Made For Loving  You” by Kiss.  I am so happy for everyone that suggested a song for us to rate. I am sorry if we didn’t get enough time to rate yours.  But we will in a future episode, so give this episode some love, and we will make another one.  

HERRERA – (Muffled by the song) Anyway, shoutout to whoever suggested that song “ I Was Made For Loving You.” So Oscar, thank you so much, you get a shoutout. Anyway, this is the end of our podcast, thank you so much for listening. See you in the next one! Peace!

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