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College class book incident

The Microsoft book that there was a shortage on
Anthony Arias Gonzalez
The Microsoft book that there was a shortage on

There was a huge shortage of Microsoft books needed for the PowerPoint college class freshmen were enrolled in during the winter intersession which started January 8. This shortage resulted in various assignments that were due that week to be left missing in the first week of the college class. Concerns about dropping the class were discussed among the students as this lack of books experience could result in a low grade in that college class. But how did this all happen?

All of this happened because of the unsuccessful returns by the students who borrowed these books last year. Many students had to show up to their classes without a book and just sit there, not knowing what to do. In class, individuals needed this instruction book to be able to work on their assignments and homework, which many people failed to be able to complete on time. Some students were fortunate enough to be able to get this book on time, while others were not. The students were not only worried but also frustrated by this situation.

Freshman Dylan Gomez is one of the lucky few who were able to get their hands on the book on time. Unfortunately though, while trying to get it, he did have some difficulties along the way.

“Fortunately, since I heard everyone needed the book, I rushed to get it and was lucky enough to be able to get it in about 30 minutes. While I was lucky enough to get it, I had to argue with the employee back and forth until a higher-up came and gave it to me,” Gomez said.

Gomez was lucky to get the book at the SAC bookstore on time even if he had to argue with the employee for it. But not everyone was in luck as there were many other students who failed to receive the book on time.

Freshman Adrian Nunez is one of the various students who were not able to obtain the Microsoft book needed for the college class assignments.

“I was scared and nervous coming into class after that week had passed and my first assignments were due. I was unable to get the book and my friend and I couldn’t do the assignments. All we did was hope that we didn’t have to get dropped from the class,” Nunez said.

Freshman Anthony Pacheco had a similar experience and thought he was without a doubt going to get dropped from the class.

“I had the same experience as Adrian. I had no way of being able to complete my assignments and I contacted multiple friends to see if they could help me. None of my friends could and like Adrian said, I was nervous and just hoped my professor would give an extension or I knew I was going to get dropped,” Pacheco said.

This was a scary experience for both Adrian Nunez and his friend Anthony Pacheco. They were both unable to get their assignments done. They knew that this was something that could lead to them getting dropped from the class over something they couldn’t control.

Multiple students had this same experience and there was a lot of confusion and stress on both the freshmen and the counselor, Arlene Quinonez. She was doing all she could to ensure no one got dropped and that there would be enough books for everyone.

“Upon encountering shortages, I promptly communicated with the professors, who graciously granted extensions and accommodated flexibility with assignments. Additionally, I liaised with the bookstore to prioritize the allocation of the required textbooks,” Quinonez said.

Although this incident was thankfully resolved, it was one of the most stressful and scariest experiences that the freshmen have ever experienced. It was resolved by ordering more books for the people who needed them and by communicating with the professors. All freshmen hope this never happens again and they all thank their counselor Ms. Quinonez for helping them along the way.

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