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Behind the Beauty

Behind the Beauty
Guadalupe Brito and Lola Gonzales

LOLA GONZALES: My name is Lola Gonzales.

GUADALUPE BRITO: And I’m Guadalupe Brito.

LOLA: In this podcast you will hear us talk about our favorite makeup products and the latest trends within the beauty community. 

GUADALUPE: If you want honest reviews continue hearing this podcast.

LOLA AND GUADALUPE: Now let’s get started.

LOLA: Hey guys like we said in our intro me and Guadalupe are gonna be talking about trending topics within the beauty community.

GUADALUPE: We’ll be reviewing three makeup products that we bought from Target. They were affordable and less than ten dollars. Keep in mind, your skin type matters when it comes to the product. Some are specifically for dry or oily skin so check the label and research beforehand! Also, make sure you choose the right skin shade..

LOLA: So like Guadalupe said, we were only able to buy three products because makeup is kind of expensive, even drugstore makeup products. Yeah so, the first product we are gonna review is the Elf Primer. This is very popular, the Elf Power Grip Primer, that’s how it’s called. Me and Guadalupe bought this at Target and it’s obviously a drug store product so it’s more affordable than if you went to Sephora and Ulta, obviously because their primers over there are more expensive, they’re like up to sometimes 30 dollars or 40, it depends on the brand. But this product was ten dollars, which I feel like, well let’s give our thoughts on it first.

GUADALUPE: By the way, drug store products are makeup that you can buy at pharmacies or places like that. They’re cheaper than other brands but they work just as well. According to Cosmetic Executive Women, Elf stands for eyes, lips, and face and it’s a company that sells affordable cosmetics. They are known for their foundations, concealers, and primers. Back to the product though, the Elf Power Grip Primer is like a sticky liquid that you use before applying anything like concealer or foundation so the makeup actually lasts, When I used the primer, I feel like it made my makeup held on the whole day, even when I had P.E and ran the mile. As I have dry skin, I was scared that it wouldn’t work as good as other people have said but I was surprised that the primer actually worked well. How was your experience Lola?

LOLA: After using this product for a month, I personally feel like I actually really liked it. I didn’t really use it everyday because I wanted to see if – the difference it made on some days that I didn’t wear it and some days I did. But when I did wear it, I felt like my makeup stayed on longer and for example, I accidentally smudged my like – where my hand rolled my makeup, it didn’t smudge and I felt like that was really nice. So i really liked this product also because the price was very affordable, the quality – it was really good. The only thing about this product that I did not really like was that it finishes really fast. But, I feel like it also depends on the person obviously because some people use a lot and some people use teeny amounts of it. But yeah, that was like my honest review, I liked it. It had some bad things sometimes. Something – let me share something I personally did not really like about this product is that on my nose, it worked really well on the other spots on my face like my cheeks, my – my chin, my forehead it was really good but when I – when I put it on my nose, it would cause my makeup to separate which is kind of annoying because I feel like that’s where I want the primer to work the best because my nose gets really oily.

GUADALUPE: You’re right, the container of the primer is small and runs out fast compared to the other products that Elf sells. Though, I think that it’s worth the price because it’s not too expensive and it actually makes your makeup look good all day because it’s not melting or smudging off. I normally use like three pumps of the product, on my cheeks and forehead, and it works good but I have dry skin so it might be different. For the past month, I’ve been using this amount daily and I still have some left so how fast it runs out depends on the amount of product you use.

LOLA: So basically, I guess you can say me and you, Guadalupe share the same kind of experience with it. So, personally, my rating – I’m going to give this product an eight out of ten, just because like I said. It just separated my makeup a little bit which kind of annoyed me and Guadalupe, what do you give this product?

GUADALUPE: I’m going to give the Elf Primer a 9/10, I think it’s worth the price but I wish it was a little bigger. Other than that, I really like it and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a primer.

LOLA: Okay so you liked it. Okay, you didn’t give it a ten out of ten but maybe the next product you will give a ten out of ten. The next product we’re going to be reviewing is the Maybelline Age Rewind Stick, this is a concealer.

GUADALUPE: Personally, I don’t wear concealer so I was already hesitant about trying it out. The size of the product was slightly bigger than the Elf Primer. I wasn’t a big fan of it because you had to twist for the product to come out and it was difficult to measure how much would come out. Also, the applicator was a sponge at the top. I didn’t like the sponge included because it was annoying and hard to blend with. I like using beauty blenders more which was an easy fix to the product.

LOLA: So, I guess you can say Guadalupe’s opinion on this is actually gonna be quite opposite to mine.  I guess you said you had a bad experience with it basically, summarying up what you said, you didn’t really like it. So, this product is actually six dollars. Oh wait, no no, my bad. This is actually seven dollars. I think. Oh wait – wait, wait. It was actually five dollars for this product, I’m sorry. Personally, I used it this whole month and I really like it. Although, there are some things that I didn’t like, like how Guadalupe said, the first thing being that – like Guadalupe said, the sponge in this product is kind of like – I’m kind of iffy about it, I’m not sure if I really love it. I feel like it’s kind of inconvenient because to be honest, the sponge on top is kind of useless. I feel like there’s no point in it because it doesn’t really help your makeup. Most of the time when I use this product, I got a different type of little brush to like style my makeup because I feel like it would give too much product when – like this is a twistable, to get out the makeup product you have to twist it. I don’t know if you guys have used those types of products but yeah, you have to twist it. Mhm, so for me, I felt like when you twist it, the thing about it is it takes out too much product and that’s why I had to use a different brush because or else, it would put too much on my eyes and it would just come out cakey, my makeup. So, like Guadalupe said, I agree with her on that, it was kind of annoying and adding onto what Guadalupe said too. Yes, this product does run out really fast, like I said, I’ve been using this product for this whole month and last month basically and I have one fourth or one third of my product left like it finishes way too fast and I’m not even lying, I’ve been using small amounts of it. So, yeah, that’s like okay – but overall, the blending is really good guys, it blends out really nicely. I don’t know if it’s just me because my skin type – my skin type is kind of oily but sometimes a little dry on certain spots but it blended out really nicely on my skin and I liked how it looked.

LOLA: Okay, let’s move on to the ratings. So, personally, out of ten, I would give this product maybe a seven out of ten. I would use this product again but if I could choose a different type of concealer, I would. It’s not my favorite but I don’t hate it. What do you rate it Guadalupe?

GUADALUPE: I would rate it a four out of ten because it was difficult to work with and I feel like the design could’ve been better. The twisting and sponge wasn’t the best though the shade and consistency of the concealer itself was alright.

LOLA: So, our final product is going to be this – this is like – I feel like a lot of people have used this product and it’s like really well known, it’s the Halo Glow by Elf. It’s considered a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Wand. I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s called, correct me if I’m wrong. But, it’s basically a – well people use it for different things. Some people use it for blush and some people use it for – contour because the shade variety is a lot like it has really light colors and really dark colors. So, you know, people use it for different things. This is my first time ever using like – how do I say it – this is my first time using contour for myself because I had never really used contour but I’ve seen a lot of girls. It’s trendy now to use contour, before it really wasn’t. This product is nine dollars and I got it at Target too. So, let me give my honest review. So, using it this past month, this product, it gives you a good amount of product. It doesn’t run out fast, from what I used this whole month, I still have like a lot of product left. But like I said before, it depends on how much amount – how much type of amount you use. Personally,  I used – I put it on my cheekbones and that’s basically all. So basically, when I’ve been putting this amount – product on, I felt like it was really nice. It blended well with the rest of my products and it just gave me a really nice contoury look. It really lifted my face up, I could see the difference. The packaging is super cute too, it’s pink, light pink and my favorite color is pink so that just made me like it more personally. I feel like it was really good overall, like I don’t have anything bad to say about this product. So Guadalupe, what do you have to think about this product?

GUADALUPE: Instead of using it as a contour, I used it as a blush. It’s called the Halo Glow Blush. The product came out of the container by squishing it and applying it with the sponge. As it was a different consistency than Maybelline Age Rewind Stick, it was easier to work with and apply where I wanted it. The blush was five dollars and 99 cents. It was affordable and a really good dupe. A dupe is a makeup product that has similar results to another product that’s more expensive.

LOLA: For Charlotte Tilbury, the one is 42 dollars. Okay, so for the Elf one I have, 42 dollars guys. It’s like the exact same thing. So if you want to buy a dupe for this, I really recommend the Elf Halo one. It’s really good, affordable, you can find it literally anywhere, it’s never sold out. Their shade range is perfect, it’s very inclusive of people and I totally recommend buying it if you want to try out some new contour.

GUADALUPE: I agree, it gives good results and there are lots of shades to choose from. I also like how there’s multiple uses like how I used it for blush and Lola used it for contour. I’m pretty sure it’s available at almost every store too. Though, the results can depend on your skin type so make sure you check it’s safe for you and works with your skin and other products you use!

LOLA: Yeah, overall, my favorite makeup product that I tried from this podcast was the Elf Halo Wand. I just really liked it and I’m going to continue using it, and am totally going to rebuy it when it runs out. Which one was your favorite Guadalupe?

GUADALUPE: The Elf Halo Wand was really good but my favorite product was probably the Elf Power Grip Primer. It didn’t cost a lot and made sure that my makeup lasted the whole morning to the night without melting off.

LOLA: So guys, this is basically a wrap up of our first episode. As you can see, me and Guadalupe had different but some similar opinions on this. Yeah, these were the three makeup products that we tried and I totally recommend you try this out and you give us your honest opinions on what you guys think about these makeup products. I’m excited to hear what you guys have to think because you know, we just want to hear different experiences you guys have with these makeup products and yeah, let us know.

LOLA: Now we’ve come to the end of our podcast. I hope you enjoyed the topic we talked about, stay tuned for next episode where we will be talking about more interesting topics.

GUADALUPE: Also, special shout out to Jackelyn Hernandez for her upcoming birthday.


LOLA: Go give her a big hug.

GUADALUPE: Yeah, go give her a big hug.

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