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Why thrifting is beneficial

Andres Morales(Canva)
The thrifting experience brings joy to all ages and wallets

Thrifting in the past was associated with poverty and the need for humans to save on the cost of clothing. Many people did not have the money to purchase new clothes from huge department stores and therefore turned to thrifting. Individuals were able to buy second-hand clothing at a much cheaper price so they could make ends meet and be able to purchase food to make it through the day. Thrifting continues to benefit people to this day.

Thrifting not just benefits us humans but the environment due to its sustainability and eco-friendly reputation.

Indavany Gonzalez, a sophomore Godinez student, said, “Thrifting is great in the reduction of environmental waste.”

Thrifting has been shown to reduce environmental waste thus helping our planet survive longer.

The Daily Bruin states, “extending the use of clothing, which encourages consumers to purchase new clothing less frequently, can reduce the extent of unnecessary waste.”

When people thrift, they’re getting clothes that are in good condition for cheap prices.

Maria Elena, an employee from Sav Mor Thrift, states thrifting is most often associated with people purchasing clothes that are not too worn out at an economical price.

“People come here to get clothes at an affordable price because often they need to allocate some money toward food and other bills,” Elena said.

Thrifting has been shown to provide alternative ways for people to reuse clothing and be more eco-friendly. People have taken this into account and now look at thrift stores as an alternative to finding the next big trend when it comes to fashion. Whether it is to be more eco-friendly or just look for a new trend.

Mrs. Compton is a freshman biology teacher who loves to play with fashion trends and is into thrifting.

“Back then there was a social stigma where thrifting was associated with poverty because you could not afford it. Now with people being more earth-conscious, there is now the understanding that fast fashion is negative for the environment so thrifting is the way to go,” Compton said.

Thrifting has risen to be a helpful impact in the world we live in whether it is due to being eco-friendly or a cheap alternative for people to make ends meet.

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