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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

Who is Sarah Bennett?

Lola Gonzalez
SAC Professor Sarah Bennett teaches journalism and media studies, is the department chair for journalism, and is the adviser for El Don.

It’s a sunny day out; you’re scrolling through social media for a restaurant near you. You come across an article that interests you. You read the title and don’t think much of it. As you read more, you become intrigued and realize that the journalist is Sarah Bennett.

Bennett, a journalist and editor, has published many articles within her 20 years of experience. However, when she was younger, she wanted to pursue another career.

While in high school, Bennett was interested in the music industry. She wanted to become a band manager. Bennett fit the description as well; she had platinum blonde hair and was involved in the music scene.

As a result, Bennett believed she would enter the music industry.

“I did not think I was going into journalism,” said Bennett.

Bennett wanted to manage bands and bring awareness to them; she was not interested in anything else. In high school, Bennett enrolled in journalism and wrote articles about musicians. She wanted to share her knowledge and opinion on them.

Bennett realized that journalism was important and brought attention to events.

“You’re not seeing the world through social media,” said Bennett.

As Bennett continued to write articles, she noticed that not everything was shown online. Some events remained uncovered, no matter if they were local or international. Therefore, she continued journaling because she wanted to bring recognition to all events.

Bennett had a change of career and focused on journalism.

“It was right in front of me, it’s what I knew,” said Bennett.

Bennett attended Santa Ana College (SAC) and even though she was taking journalism classes, she was not interested in pursuing a degree or career in it. However, she had experience in it and eventually, she realized that she could be making money out of it. Not long after, Bennett transferred to the University of Southern California (USC). In the past, she had only been doing it as a volunteer.

Bennett dedicated herself and now she is a well-known journalist. Throughout Bennett’s career, she has been involved in multiple opportunities. Bennett became an L.A. food editor and editor of the Long Beach Post. Nonetheless, she is not limited to only publishing articles. Bennett also works as a professor at SAC and helps the public media and self-publishing section. As a full-time professor, she focuses on her students and attempts to give them the best advice possible.

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