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Wizards for Water: Join the magic of running

Johana Carmona (Canva)
Join Wizards for Water: train for a half marathon, fundraise for those without water, make a difference in your health, and others’ lives.

Wizards for Water is a running club we have here at Middle College High School. Training usually starts in the second semester. This club isn’t only about running but about fundraising money for children and others who don’t have access to clean water. Every $50 everyone is able to fundraise goes to one child who doesn’t have clean water.

This club has a valuable meaning behind it. We help others in ways we didn’t even think about. Newly this year, some Wizards have been training to run a full marathon. Although some may think they can’t run so fast, it isn’t about how fast you run but it’s about how you finish. Running is a challenge and it brings so many benefits to us, which is why many more students should join Wizards for Water.

All around the world, more than 1.42 billion people live in areas categorized as having high or extremely high water vulnerability with approximately 450 million being children. One in five children globally does not have sufficient access to water to meet their daily needs. These situations are usually caused by rapid population growth, urbanization, water misuse, mismanagement, climate change, or many others.

Running can bring many benefits to our physical and mental health. It helps us produce nutrients such as vitamin D that can lessen our likelihood of experiencing depressive symptoms, it helps with the prevention of cognitive decline, leads to a calmer state of mind, gives our brains a brainpower boost by creating new brain cells and improve overall brain performance, helps with sleep, increases productivity, and increases creativity.

Junior Suyami Bermudez has been part of this club for three years now. This year, she has taken the role of vice president. She expresses her feelings towards being a part of this club.

“It’s been a good experience; I’ve definitely felt that I’ve grown a lot as a person because the club requires a lot of commitment. I feel a difference between now and when I began,” Bermudez said.

At the start, this club can seem stressful, but with time it does get easier. The effort feels less and less as you commit more. Participating can bring many benefits to you. Chemistry teacher Mr. You shared a bit about how this club brings positive feelings.

“It’s just empowering seeing yourself achieve a goal; a goal that’s so tangible, so clear, like you know clearly ‘Oh I reached the finish line.’ You know you achieved it. I think that’s a powerful thing for life and then also just having awareness, beyond what we can see,” You said.

By joining Wizards for Water, we create a positive impact on others. Club members have made it clear that knowing how you are changing people’s lives is a rewarding and important reason to join the club and will continue to participate. This year’s final event, the OC marathon, will be on May 5.

“It’s a very meaningful club. I think we’ve caused a lot of great things and changed a lot of things from one place to another. We’ve changed the lives of over 800 children, and it feels good to see this change and impact,” Bermudez said.

Personally, I’ve been a member of the club since my freshman year. I’ve experienced firsthand the sense of running not only for my own health but also for the benefit of others. From my very first time, I’ve felt healthier and more motivated. Being in that club has not only helped me with my extracurriculars and community service but also improved my mental health.

So far, this club has been an impactful club, not only for those receiving clean water but for our students as well. Mr. You has enjoyed the experience and said it to be better than expected.

“It’s been awesome; I really think it’s been the highlight of my whole teaching career,” You said.

It is important that the students continue to keep this club going. We are able to improve our health, get community service hours, and change others’ lives.

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