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How do MCHS students feel towards the discovery of cancer causing chemicals found in popular skincare brands?

Citlali Zavala (Created with Canva)
Research has shown popular skin care brands containing harmful chemicals that can cause cancer.

How do students feel about the finding of cancer-causing chemicals found in skincare?

Skin care, sunscreen, dry shampoo, perfumes. These products contain the chemical named benzoyl peroxide, which is a popular substance used throughout beauty products for a variety of reasons and outcomes. However, recent research has shown popular skin care brands containing harmful chemicals that when exposed to certain temperatures can cause cancer. It is significant for the community to be aware of the brands, especially with the widespread beauty consumption.

I myself have enjoyed using the skincare brand known as Panoxyl because it made changes to my skin and helped through acne breakouts. It was unfortunate to discover that Panoxyl was one of many popular skincare brands to contain harsh cancer-causing chemicals. These popular skincare brands are displayed throughout social media platforms by influencers. The public is made to believe that these products aren’t harmful, when in reality it is the opposite, as there are many dangers that come with using a trending product.

Valisure, an independent laboratory, has found high levels of benzoyl peroxide in acne treatment products that can form high levels of benzene when exposed to high temperatures. Based on the US Food and Drug Administration regulation, products containing benzoyl peroxide can form more than 800 times the concentration limit.

Once an acne product is exposed to high temperatures, then that product is detected to have benzene, as well as benzene gas around the airspace. Based on the American Cancer Society, benzene is one out of twenty most used chemicals in the US; as a result, a wide population of people have been exposed to benzene by inhaling the chemical.

Acute myeloid leukemia has been connected to the exposure and inhalation of benzene by affecting the cells ability to function properly. Damage to the immune system does not allow for the needed production of red blood cells and a loss of white blood cells.

Junior Jamie Gallegos has expressed her feelings toward the discovery of harmful chemicals found in widely consumed skin care products. She has expressed concern regarding the topic because these products are being applied to the skin with the initial purpose to better the skin, but are actually causing future health issues.

“If I’m trying to better my skin, I’m literally not bettering it because there are cancerous ingredients in the products, which will do more harm than good,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos believes that it is the responsibility of companies to be more open to the public and address exactly what certain products contain.

“I feel like they should speak more about what ingredients each product contains. That way, the audience knows what they’re putting on their face and then they get to make their choice whether they want to risk putting it on their face or not,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos isn’t the only student at Middle College High School who strongly believes that social media has also contributed to the ongoing issue of quality control and the manufacturing of beauty products. Individuals are using social media platforms to promote certain products claiming that they’re good in order to get paid for the collaboration. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, it is difficult to identify whether or not a person genuinely has good intentions.

Sophomore Shirley Gonzalez expresses her opinion regarding the discovery of cancer causing chemicals found in popular skin care brands. She expresses concern regarding the issue on hand and how social media has worsened the issue.

“Social media has promoted certain products in ways that people don’t know how to use. So they’ll just say, this really saved my skin, but then they don’t mention any of the possible side effects, which is obviously something that people need to research on their own,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez further explains the responsibility manufacturing companies have to inform consumers of exactly what they are putting on their skin.

“Instead of just trying to push it out into the market, they need to do further research and actually make sure that it’s okay for people, but you can’t always just blame it on the product. You have to always do your own research because you have to figure out your skin and what works best for you before putting products on your face,” Gonzalez said.

The finding of cancer-causing chemicals found in popular skin care brands has left many individuals in fear and the feeling of worry to arise. It is the responsibility of a manufacturer company to ensure that the products being made are ready for consumption and meet all the regulations, rather than consumers finding out at a later time. This is a serious issue and can alter a person’s health for the rest of their life, contributing to the fact that this is a life or death type of situation.

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