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What is the most popular snack at the Quick Stop?

Jaelyn V
The wide variety of snacks at the QuickStop.

Picture yourself on your free period or lunch. You crave a drink or snack you will enjoy for the rest of the day. At the Quick Stop in the Johnson Center you see a variety of sweet, sour, and salty snacks that catch your interest. Which one will you choose? Clearly you’re going to pick your favorite one.

Everyone knows we can buy all kinds of goods at the Quick Stop at any time. Lots of students at MCHS and SAC choose and buy a snack from a large variety. Due to these sales everyday, what snack do students buy the most?

According to the most popular snack in the U.S. are Rice Krispies Treats. But in California Cheetos are the leading snacks in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Freshman Kimmie Nguyen shares what she buys frequently at the Quick Stop.

“I definitely buy chips often.The brand I buy most is Chester’s Puffcorn Flamin’ Hot. And for a drink I buy the Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino,” Nguyen said.

Junior Michelle Zamora also mentions what she buys most often at the Quick Stop.

“That’s a good question. I definitely buy chips like Dorito Dynamites and Turbos,” Zamora said.

Today, most snacks we see today are spicy foods and chips such as Takis, Flamin Hot Cheetos and Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries.

Zoe Marin, an employee and cashier at the Quick Stop shares what she sees being purchased by students.

“I say chips are popular.Sometimes I want to say Hot Cheetos. I’ve seen that a lot but it really does vary,” Marin said.

The Quick Stop often has many things in stock and almost never runs low on items.

“Every two weeks shipment for snacks comes in. We mostly have to stock up on Dr.Pepper and chips,” Marin said.

Frozen foods are popular as well, whether it is a quick lunch or a meal.

“Frozen foods that sell out all of the time are the Red Baron pizzas and The Bomb burritos,” Marin said.

Students share different cravings, so a diversity of snacks are purchased at the Quick Shop. However the certain snacks Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Dr.Pepper are the most popular throughout the student population.

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