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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

How students really feel about dual enrollment

Dual enrollment help students get high school and college credit.
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Dual enrollment help students get high school and college credit.

Having the chance to take college classes and regular high school coursework offers students at Middle College High School (MCHS) a unique viewpoint. Compared to the traditional high school circumstances where normal courses are the main focus, students at MCHS partake in a dual academic path that serves as a transition between high school and college. This dual academic path allows students to earn high school and college credit together.

Students at MCHS have a unique opportunity to enroll in college courses while still in high school. Students may find this as an exciting and difficult experience as they consider the advantages and disadvantages of starting college courses early. Students must figure out a balance between their current high school responsibilities and the new academic demands. They have the opportunity to obtain an Associates Degree that will allow a student to get academically ahead and save money. However, starting college courses early may also cause students to miss out on valuable high school experiences and social interactions.

Freshman Angelica Soto gives her input on the money and time she is saving while being at MCHS.

“The major pros of dual enrollment would be the time and money that students save as well as the credits while in high school since we take college classes and how we are at another level than most schools. I would also add that high school students have the college experience at a younger age and are able to see how college classes are,” said Soto.

In the long run, the chance of earning college credit while still a high school student can be very advantageous. Does this matter though? While some students may appreciate the typical high school experience, others might focus on getting a jump start on their college education. The choice to engage in dual enrollment should ultimately be made with the students academic and personal development in mind. Before choosing, it’s critical for students to carefully evaluate their unique needs and aspirations. The “normal” high school experience may not be what some students desire.

Junior Emily Parra talks about the way she feels she is missing out on a normal high school experience.

“In certain ways I do feel that I am missing out on a “normal” high school experience. Had I gone to a bigger high school/AP school, I probably would have joined their volleyball team or have done sports. However, I know that by doing college classes it will cut off years of university and in a way that makes up for missing out on the ’high school experience’,” said Parra.

The other high schools in the area are not like this one at all. However, our school stands out due to its small class size and location on the Santa Ana College (SAC) campus. Smaller class sizes create a stronger feeling of community and allow teachers to give more individualized attention to each student. Students benefit from this individualized attention to succeed academically and personally. This specific attention encourages academic and personal advancement, resulting in a strong support system and close-knit peer relationships.
Without question, MCHS offers a unique environment that makes it stand out from the other high schools in the district like Santa Ana High School, Century High School, or Saddleback High School.

A normal high school experience typically involves having lockers during passing periods, a bell marking the end of lunch or the start of a new period. Here at MCHS we don’t have those things that “normal” high schools have. We have something that other schools don’t have, which is our own connection with SAC and their campus. Since this school is far safer than some other high schools nearby here you can see kindness growing in the people at MCHS. As progress continues to be made; there is still opportunity for improvement.

Many students have concerns about their future and college but they may get past these worries with the help and support that MCHS offers. MCHS stands out from other high schools due to its strong sense of community and support which creates an environment where students are able to succeed. Students may realize their full potential and feel ready for the future at MCHS because of the academic focus and friendly environment that the school creates.

There is more work and more expectations when it comes to their college course that we take at SAC. Students may feel anxiety and stress which may harm their mental health. For students’ mental health to remain unharmed they must practice self care and ask for help when necessary. Students should put their mental health first and never hesitate to seek support when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Students can better handle the stress and anxiety that comes with these college level courses by engaging in self care and seeking support. They can make sure they can succeed academically and personally by doing this.

Sophomore Julissa Ramos gives an example of how college affects her mental health.

“I feel like college isn’t good for our mental health but I also feel like it isn’t detrimental. For example, my anxiety about college and my education has gotten way worse since I’ve come to school because of how serious college is in comparison to high school as well as the fact I could get dropped from a college class,” said Ramos.

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