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2024 students experiment with fashion

Anali Garcia
Adidas, Converse, Bows, Baggy pants, Flare pants, and Jorts are some new and recent trends that students are following in 2024. The students included are: Ariena Molina, Joyce Pacheco, and Adrian Nunez.

Adidas Sambas, bows, streetwear, form fitting, and Y2K are all types of fashion trends that are currently being followed.

Two students from Middle College High School were interviewed in regards to their own fashion choices, where their inspiration comes from, and what helps make a “good” outfit.


The main outlet from which students buy their clothing from are thrift stores due to their affordability and eco-friendly nature.

Junior Angell Lopez talks about his experience with thrift stores.

“I usually thrift a lot of my clothes. I get the majority of them from a Salvation Army that I really like, or sometimes from other, smaller thrift stores. I love thrifting due to how affordable it can be and how beneficial it is to the planet,” Lopez said.

According to Goodwill, “Shopping at a thrift store is different than shopping at a retail store. Because thrift stores are full of vintage and off-season goods, it’s fun to see what you might find.”

It is the suspense of not knowing what you may find that brings people in.

“It’s fun going to a store and not knowing what you might find there. Clothes there are cheap most of the time and it’s helpful for the environment, too. But I barely buy from people who are reselling clothes at high prices. It’s ridiculous really how some people can charge more than 50 dollars for a shirt made in the 2000s,” Lopez said.

Importance of shoes

Students argue that choosing the right shoes is crucial for an outfit.

An article by Ezok Shoes, says shoes can either make or break the entirety of an outfit.

“In my opinion, the most important thing while making an outfit would be deciding what shoes to wear. Honestly, I think shoes in general would make or break an outfit. Just imagine having a formal outfit, but then wearing running shoes, or wearing a casual outfit with some jeans, maybe a sweater, but with dress shoes or boots. I think in some ways, like in the first example, shoes would break the outfit, but in the other example, it would completely change the tone of the outfit as a whole,” Lopez said.

The article goes to further explain that “Shoes are that part of your outfit which can reflect your personality and even your mood. They help you express the kind of person you are. Cool or funky, creative or sporty, loud or lowkey, whatever your personality type might be, shows can always help you manifest it to the fullest.”

Junior Ariena Molina shares this same opinion in regards to how shoes help tie an outfit together.

“I feel like the most important thing that competes a fit is both jewelry and your shoes. Based on your shoes is what you want to tell the people about your outfit,” Molina said.

Find your inspiration

Molina talks about how her dad has influenced her style.

“I’ve seen a lot of pictures of him in the 90s and he had that Y2K kind of style and I’m like ‘Oh I wanna dress like that’ so that’s how I got my style,” Molina said.

The Y2K aesthetic was born in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Nowadays the style blends bold, playful, and futuristic elements. According to an article posted on called “What Is Y2K Fashion & Why Is It Trending: How to Wear Y2K Outfits”, most clothing pieces used to create that Y2K style are low rise jeans, truck driver hats, and chunky shoes. Most people often use bold colors and patterns, such as neon and animal prints. They also wear brand and graphic T-shirts with numerous logos.

Lopez talks about his recent inspiration for fashion.

“I used to skate in the past and I really fell in love with the overall style most skaters had while skating. I think a lot of that style still resembles what I wear today: baggy jeans, skate brand shirts, skate shoes, etc,” Lopez said.

Molina mentions another person who has influenced her style.

“Elena from Vampire Diaries‘…sometimes I have little inspo outfits from her,” Molina said.

Looking back at Elena, from “Vampire Diaries, she seems to have a very dark closet as most of the time she’s wearing dark colors like: purple, red, blue and mostly black. She seems to follow the aesthetic of Y2K, wearing leather and denim jackets with form-fitting shirts with long sleeves if she’s not wearing a jacket, and bootcut jeans.

Overall, fashion trends such as Adidas Sambas, bows, streetwear, form-fitting attire, and Y2K aesthetics are currently shaping the wardrobes of many. Fashion choices are being influenced by a variety of factors, from being eco and environmental friendly to having personal inspiration. Thrifting is seen as a popular trend for affordable and eco-friendly shopping, while the significance of choosing the right shoes is highlighted as an important factor for completing an outfit. Either drawing inspiration from family members, pop culture icons like Elena from “Vampire Diaries,” or personal experiences like skateboarding, these students show how fashion can reflect individuality and creativity in expressing oneself.

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