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Wizards after Dark Knott’s Berry Farm trip

Jaelyn Vega
One of Knotts Berry Farm most popular rides “Supreme Scream”.

After getting off the bus you walk up to the ticket booth and show the employee your ticket. Then going through security and finally stepping into Knott’s Berry Farm waiting to have fun on various rides and attractions. You see the tall tower of Supreme Scream, steep rides, while smelling all of the different sweet treats and savory foods.

The Wizards After Dark program had their final field trip of the school year, and decided they were going to go to Knott’s Berry Farm. All students who attended went on their own path straight into all sorts of fun.

Leslie Hernandez, a staff member in the program, shares some activities she did during the trip.

“I enjoyed walking around, especially in Ghost Town. They had the boysenberry festival so it was cool getting to see the treats and special foods. During the trip I got on the Calico Mine Ride, that was about it,” Hernandez said.

Knott’s is a very big place with lots of different things to do, Francie Echeverria the Wizards After Dark adviser made the most of the afternoon despite the fact that she doesn’t care much for amusement parks.

“I’m not really a Knott’s person, so I don’t really go on rides. But I was able to relax and eat a funnel cake,” Echeverria said.

Sophomore Victor Higareda who is an after school student leader also shares what he did over the trip.

“Some of the rides I went on during this trip were; Silver Bullet, Supreme Scream, Hang Time, and La Revolution. Some of the things that I ate during the trip were french fries and Dippin Dots,” Higareda said.

Junior Emily Parra-Diaz was also a participant in the field trip showing brand new interests and memories at the theme park.

“Some of the rides I went on were Silver Bullet and Supreme Scream. What I enjoyed the most was eating Dippin Dots that one of my friends generously bought for me,” Parra-Diaz said.

From disinterest to fear of roller coasters she was able to overcome both while at Knott’s and enjoy her day there even further.

“Yes, I would love to! Before the field trip to Knott’s, I was petrified of roller coasters and I overcame that fear by going to Knotts. My friends were a great company to have as they made the experience more fun and enjoyable than it already was,” Parra-Diaz said.

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