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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

Understanding the school spirit at MCHS

Ashley Andrade
ASB taking a photo after the Winter Assembly.

School spirit is something crucial at Middle College, especially since it’s a smaller school with a low student population. Over the years, we have seen an increase in school spirit. There are multiple things that should be considered when trying to understand the spirit at a small school like ours, such as fundraising, clubs, and engagement.

Fundraising is a tricky topic on both sides of the matter. A lot of the time, the Associated Student Body tries fundraising at events like Open House, Back to School Night, and school dances. However, they sometimes receive a lack of support from the student body which makes them lose profit.

On the other hand, fundraising can look different for the student body. Many students feel like none of the school events are “appealing” which demotivates them from participating in them. On top of that, many students have asked for card payments as not everyone carries cash on them.

Senior Angel Hernandez shares his opinion on the funding MCHS gets.

“I think the lack of funding is a very important topic. People expect more I guess,” Hernandez said.

ASB knows the student body expects more, but they are working with what they have. It is harder for them to host events because we are on SAC’s campus, meaning they have to abide by their rules and schedule.

ASB advisor and world history teacher, Rafael Ramos, explains why fundraising on SAC’s campus is so difficult.

“It is hard for ASB due to the fact that there are several regulations. We are only allowed to sell certain food items by the school district. In addition, because we are on the SAC campus we cannot sell items that compete with the SAC student store,” Ramos said.

Despite many disadvantages, ASB is working towards fixing this ongoing problem. There has been an increase in promotion by using social media, or by going into seminar classes. ASB recently implemented class accounts for each grade level which makes it easier for students to give their input. To reach those who are not on social media, ASB goes into seminar classes to promote events, and to answer any questions.

To receive more engagement with students, ASB has implemented “student of the month” assemblies. This gives students a way to celebrate their success and achievements, and they receive a piece of cake!

“I would like to see more games outside of just assemblies. Something like tug of war or that water bucket challenge was really fun; I think we could have more competition between students,” Hernandez said.

Additionally, it’s harder for ASB to get students to participate in games/nooners. Since there are no traditional sports or extracurricular activities like cheer, Dance Team, and Musicians Unite have stepped up to provide entertainment for the student body during events. Additionally, ASB has increased the number of dances, spirit weeks, and school-spirited events.

“ASB has always strived to provide MCHS students with the most authentic high school experience as possible. While other high schools have gotten rid of some of their dances, we are one of the few high schools that still has four dances per year. We have created a friendly rivalry with Circulos and have increased our presence at the various sports tournaments to out cheer them. ASB has increased the number of assemblies. We used to only have two and now we have four,” Ramos said.

ASB is trying its best to increase engagement, and they are open to changes and recommendations. Now it is up to the students to participate.

“ASB can and will always strive to do more. But ASB cannot do it alone. The student body needs to participate in the events and activities hosted by ASB. If not these activities and events are canceled or not planned at all,” Ramos said.

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