Mr.V Exposed

Edited by Jordan Avila


Tais Avila and Grace Elson

Mr. Valenzuela, our beloved teacher that has been with us year after year has more to him than meets the eye. Mr. Valenzuela attended Cal State Fullerton and graduated with a degree in history and a degree in physical education, allowing him to teach both as he pleases. Mr. V started working at Middle College High School in August of 1998, the second year that this school had been open. Mr. V started teaching sophomores world history. Then, slowly but surely, he began integrating physical education and geography into his busy schedule. This year marks his 20th anniversary with us here as Middle College High School. What he likes most about Middle College is the location where his classroom is, “even though its a trailer,” almost all the students, and the teachers he gets to work with every day.