Rise of the Edgars


Juan Alvarado

The Edgar style consists of the haircut and the clothing — zip-up sweatshirt, jeans, and Air Force sneakers.

From bowl-cut hair and baggy jeans to Sauvage Dior and funny walks, society calls this the “Edgar” style. The “Edgar” style is a trend that was popularized by TikTok. Edgars are usually made fun of because of the way that they walk, look, behave, and speak, but people still choose to use the style no matter what people say because the “Edgars” see it as an easy style to emulate.

The look originated because a fan of Edgar Martinez, former Seattle Mariners baseball player, got Martinez’s face shaved into his head. Martinez himself found it funny and decided to get the haircut of the fan. Others found it funny as well, so a group of guys who are into modifying pick-up trucks and making the trucks sound louder, drew more attention and decided to get the haircut also. They became famous on TikTok when they posted a video and the haircut has spread around since then.

The Edgar haircut originated from a mullet and then transitioned into a bowl cut with some bangs. There are many ways to change this hair style while still resembling the original. The most popular style is the Fluffy Edgar, which has bangs in the front and fluff in the back. They are also known for the different designs they have for their hair on the back of their head. 

Edgars are seen as the “clowns” of TikTok. They are known for doing funny things, creating quirky, odd, and funny walks, and doing dances such as the “Who Do You Love- by YG” dance.

The style is simple yet distinctive; their signature outfit usually is Levis 501 jeans, white Air Force or Jordan 4’s, Pro Club shirts, black zip-up sweaters, and a baseball-fitted hat. They usually travel in groups of five, and Edgars drag their feet while walking. The clothes used for the Edgar style are usually dark so it matches anything and it looks good.

Many people have agreed that the style is easier to wear because since the tops and bottoms are similar, you can just buy the same pair of jeans in different shades and just buy black and white shirts which would create different versions of the outfit. This makes it easier for the “Edgars” to dress and still fit in with their style.

An anonymous student at Godinez said, “Nothing really made me want to use the Edgar style. I just thought it looked nice and decided to use it.”

“I decided to use the Edgar style because it seemed easier for me to do,” said an anonymous student at MCHS.

The Edgar style has been associated with a number of incidents of conflict taking place at Knott’s Berry Farm during the past year. Edgars were blamed because the video footage of the incidents showed boys who were wearing the Edgar haircut and clothing style.  Because of the incidents, there are now restrictions on who can enter the park. Since this past summer, people under the age of 17 can’t enter the park without an adult or supervisor over the age of 21. This has made many teenagers mad, blaming the Edgars for this new rule.

Senior student Reynol De La Torre said, “I think it kinda sucks because kids like going to Knotts to get away from their parents. Now the new rule defeats that whole purpose, Knotts is going to start gaining less money because teens won’t be going anymore. I say bring the Edgars back to Knotts.”

“I’m mad because it wasn’t us Edgars that did it, it was other people that started fighting and we are the ones getting blamed for it. I also feel mad because I’m not allowed to hang out with my friends because of the dumb fights and I had nothing to do with it. They should’ve just banned the people that caused the problems, not all the teenagers,” said an anonymous Edgar.

The Edgar style has been trending for a while now and has brought us many laughs. They have their own style and are proud to wear it. This style is mostly used by Latinos, but there are a few other ethnicities that have adapted to the style. It is simple and easy to use and you can wear the style anywhere.