“Wizards for Water”

Wizards for Water team members before a practice.

Leo Morales

Wizards for Water team members before a practice.

Leo Morales, Social Media Editor

Imagine having to miss out on an education and go through a treacherous path on a daily basis. Imagine not having the essential resources that so many take for granted. This is the harsh reality for many children in Africa. This is why students at Middle College High School have come together to run and make a change.

Raising awareness is important. Chemistry and AVID 11 teacher Micah You instigated Wizards for Water in 2015 to do such a thing. He was inspired by the organization Team World Vision and their work to provide clean water to communities in Africa; Wizards for Water now collaborates with them. With their contributions, about 4 million were able to have accessible and clean water. The importance for water includes opportunities for children to go to school and get an education and for an overall improved community. Not only are water outlets provided to those in need, but also,  medical buildings are revamped. Privileges like these are often taken for granted as we generally do not have to worry about cleanliness, education, and water.

I have been a part of this team since my sophomore year; this year marks my third. Over the years, many other students have joined. MCHS alumni have even remained on the team since their run to continue their support. We first started off running the 2016 Los Angeles Half-Marathon. That year, we raised a collective total of $4,349. Then, we ran the 2017 Orange County Half-Marathon the following year where we raised a total of $7,108. Now, we meet every week, either on Friday after school or Saturday morning, in preparation for the 2018 Orange County Half-Marathon this upcoming May. Every team member fundraises money and trains hard with one goal in mind: to make a change in someone’s life. That is what makes the 13.1 miles worth it. Knowing that a child will be able to have a resource vital to life at the palms of their hands because of you is so inspiring. The marathons have never been about us; they have always been about them. Together, we can assist in solving the water issue in Africa. Becoming aware of prevalent issues such as these and many more is a step toward change. However, the next step is taking action. If you are an underclassman (or even a graduating senior who will stay in the area in the upcoming year) and are both capable and interested, I would suggest joining Wizards for Water. It’s a life-changing experience, and it is gratifying feeling to see the updates on who has been affected.

If you’d like, please donate to the cause using the link below: