Volleyball Club is back!

Jordan Avila, Features Editor

The excitement of volleyball seemed to have died down ever since its postponement…until now. Volleyball Club is back, and many students have since looked forward to it every Thursday after school. As more students join and have fun, the more enthusiasm one gets from attending an amazing get-together with friends, all while playing with a ball and a net!

For the longest time, Volleyball Club was one of the most fun hang-outs to take part in, with music playing in the background and volleyballs going over people’s heads. There was even a potluck at one point that was successful! People brought food from home, drinks were purchased, and pizza was ordered for all to enjoy that day. Volleyball Club was, however, canceled for the time being. One thing that was, for the most part, looked over in the club were the safety concerns that soon became an issue that needed to be fixed. Our principal, Mr.Voight, came to the conclusion that there simply shouldn’t be an unregulated game, should anyone be injured. Volleyball president  junior Ramiro Rico agreed with the concern and promised to make a change that would keep the club alive, but also meet the guidelines of expected regulations.

Wizards play ball!

With that, all that was needed now was an available advisor to manage the club and ensure that no incidents result in anyone being sent to the hospital. And though many teachers couldn’t make it as our advisor, Rico was able to find one individual: Mr.Curtis. Curtis, our most recent P.E. teacher, was able to make time for the club and has since then, been able to help keep the club up and going. “I feel grateful to him [Curtis] for accepting the position of an advisor and actually taking some of his time so we can have our club…I’m thankful towards him,” says Rico.

As for the president of the club, it became apparent to him that the return of volleyball would excite many, including him! “I honestly feel really excited because now people can go back and play volleyball again! One of my hopes for the club is to bring a lot more people to it. I want students from every grade and every class to participate. After all, it is for them..for them to have fun,” Rico stated. The club’s been popular since it started back in the fall, and this return may hopefully bring back that same enthusiasm and perhaps even new members.   

There aren’t many clubs that particularly emphasize a lot of fun, much less, active sports. Volleyball Club, one out of many others, brings a lot of relationships together, one of which being sportsmanship. “Why is it so popular? I mean, who doesn’t like playing volleyball? It has to be the good vibes that the club members bring every day. That’s what makes it so enjoyable! It’s why people continue coming back,” Rico stated. There are several other clubs that are very engaging to the students involved, and Volleyball Club is no different, with its amazing group of participants that, for the most part, show up to play. At the same time, it’s unique to our school, as it’s the only club that’s completely detached from academics.

Rico concluded the interview with, “My favorite part of the club is seeing everyone else enjoying it. Honestly, every time I know someone is satisfied with Volleyball Club and they mention how fun it’s been for them, that’s the best part! Knowing people are satisfied with what you work hard to make happen really makes my day.” Even now that the club has had its long break, people are still eager to show up whenever possible and it’s not a stretch to think that more will come along. It’s clear that the club is here to stay at MCHS, and may we hope that it only reaches greater heights.