Adulting 101


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Time doesn’t wait up, and adulting doesn’t either.

Leo Morales, Social Media Editor

As high school students, we get to learn academic subjects, explore our passions, and overall discover more about ourselves. However, many life lessons are also learned outside of the classroom. We often have to learn how to “adult” on our own as we prepare to leave high school and venture onto our next steps in life. Here, I will talk about resources and tips that could hopefully ease the journey into adulting. Here is Adulting 101.

Knowing how to drive could be a useful ability to have, especially if you choose to commute when you go off to college. Once one turns 15 and a half years of age, they are eligible to get a driver’s permit. Before this, though, one has to successfully complete a DMV educational course. One website of many to help you attain a permit and locate a driving school is Costs vary, so be sure to seek the resources that will be both the most efficient and economic. Once you turn 18, you can attempt to achieve a license. The steps for this is to visit a DMV office, fill out the Driver License application, pay for the license fee, and pass both the written and driven tests. Studying the road’s rules and preparing for the driven test are important to pass. Whether you decide to ease into driving or go straight into it, knowing how to drive is something that will be useful.

Learning to cook is something else that is important for surviving adulthood. At college, times can get tough. We can become broke college students and struggle with what to eat. Making homemade meals can really make the situation easy. More tips on this topic are found here: ‎

Financial literacy and stability are vital for adulting. We have to learn to manage our in order to pay bills, necessities, and personal expenses. One should also make the effort to have extra money just in case an unexpected problem or expense comes up. Start saving now! As the years go by, more of the things in life require money. One should try to earn at least 10% of what they earn as it will soon accumulate into a safe amount of savings. You may want to open a savings account at a bank. Another thing to highlight is separating our needs from our wants; this makes budgeting our money much easier.

Lastly, adulting comes down to an individual’s mindset. Maturity and readiness is not measured by age, but by actions and by mentality. We have to learn to take responsibility for our own actions and learn from our mistakes. Many of the things that come with “adulting” coincide with one another. Programs in Santa Ana such as NAC and the Boys and Girls Club give insight about college readiness and adulthood to students. Seeking help from resources when we require it also takes levels of maturity. An important thing to know is that you are not alone. Others also go through the struggles of growing up that you are facing too. Stress levels and anxiety increase as adulthood comes nearer. Do not forget to have time for your mental health and for self-care. It’s okay to take a break, breathe, and remind yourself that you will pull through in the end. Adulting is scary, but make sure to take the steps necessary in preparation for when we go out into the real world. Many might already do the things listed above and that’s great! Now, we have to physically and mentally prepare ourselves for the future. Beginning to, or continuing to, practice these adulting qualities will surely help as we go onto our individual endeavors.