Mrs. T spills the “T”


Andres Reyes

Mrs. T poses and grins happily during her 8th period Leadership Freshman class.

Andres Reyes, Staff Writer

Decades pass as students graduate and continue onto their adulthood while the teachers remain. However, every teacher has a plan for retirement, but for teachers like Mrs. Thomas, also known as Mrs. T, it’s sooner rather than later. 

Mrs. T has been teaching world history at Middle College High school for the past 13 years and retirement for her is only a couple months away. Regardless of her time teaching at MCHS, not much is known about Mrs. T, so before her retirement, Mrs. T unveiled her unspoken thoughts and plans.

 “This is a wonderful place to teach; it’s better than any other school in the district, and I would not trade my experiences here for the world,” said Mrs. T. 

Mrs. T has had over 30 years of experience working in the Santa Ana Unified School District and she valued her time the most while working at MCHS.

“All the time I spent with the students here are wonderful. They have good attitudes, they’re positive and care about their education,” said Mrs. T. 

She continues to talk about the Middle College school environment.

“A teacher who preceded me in retirement, Mrs. Lynn Klingler, always said we’re family at MCHS and she’s right,” said Mrs. T.

Mrs. T is proud and satisfied with her teaching career at MCHS and the students she has met. 

Former student Justin Fletcher, currently her student-teacher, is one example. 

“I had Justin 9th and 10th grade for English and now he is becoming a teacher, and he’s my student teacher and I like to think I had something to do with that, which he says I did,” said Mrs. T.

Mrs. T has many plans for retirement. 

“We have a vacation home we’re gonna spend more time at. We’re gonna get Disneyland passes and we’re going to go to Alaska and we’re going to take the train across the country,” said Mrs. T.

Her overall goals are to “travel, relax, and have a good time.” 

Mrs. T is ready to transition into retirement but before she retires, a student and the principal reflected on her past accomplishments and caring personality.

“She was nice enough to offer me ice packs when I was injured,” said senior Bryan Granados who took her world history class 10th grade. 

MCHS principal Damon Voight told us about her history at MCHS.

“We’re going to miss her obviously, she’s been here a long time. She started the freshman leadership program, she is the department chair of history so she’s helped our history program and she ran the enrichment art club,” said Mr. Voight.

Mrs. T has had an enjoyable and fulfilling experience here at MCHS. She has certainly been a cherishing and loving member of the MCHS community. It is ultimately hoped that she has a smooth transition into retirement and accomplishes a life full of excitement and relaxation.