School followed me home: A day in quarantine


Maria Alegria

This is what teens feel like due to the quarantine order from California’s governor.

Maria Alegria, Arts and Entertainment Editor

It’s the evening of Friday, March 13 and your parents receive a call that school will be closed until further notice, and you must not step foot on campus. At first, you react with glee and joy, your teenage dream of staying home has come true. Then it hits you. The reason for staying at home is because of quarantine to prevent the ongoing COVID-19 from spreading. What will you be doing at home for this period of time? Here’s what I did one day.

I woke at about 8:30 a.m. because I had made the poor decision of staying up late the previous night. And you may be wondering what I did that made me stay up late. One word. Tiktok. 

Eventually, I made the effort of getting up and starting my day. I went about my regular morning routine.  I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and changed into my outfit of the day. 

On this day I decided to make myself my breakfast. I made blueberry pancakes. After many failed attempts I was able to get one close to perfection.

I then proceeded to do my assignments for the day. I did some of my college homework and some of my high school homework. Before I could advance anymore, I decided to reward myself with a quick break.

However, this “break” lasted longer than it should have. And this is the case for many of my breaks. They tend to go on for hours. 

In this break, I went outside and sat down to pet my dog, Roxy. After a while of just enjoying each other’s company, my dog got a sudden surge of energy. We ended up playing catch for what felt like hours.

After I proceeded to hop on social media. Going from TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and then the cycle repeated itself for a good chunk of my day. 

Before I knew it, it was already late in the afternoon. This gave me the much-needed motivation to return to doing my work. 

Finally, I completed the assignments. I then rested by watching T.V. and listening to music until I fell asleep.

This is all I did in one day of being at home. 

It was a much different experience compared to my regular school routine. From waking up early to being home late. I now have more time to complete my school work unlike before having only the time of each class period. This has its pros and cons. I have more time to complete my assignments but this gives me more time to procrastinate. I also no longer see my friends on a daily basis or go out with them once a week. I now have to rely on social media, texting, and calling to keep in touch. This pandemic is impacting all aspects of life.