Class of 2020: The places they’ll go

Eight of MCHS's class of 2020 plan to attend UCLA in the fall.

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Eight of MCHS’s class of 2020 plan to attend UCLA in the fall.

Emanuel Negrete, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Despite their year being stripped from them, Class of 2020 is still making waves as seen by their university admissions. As the senior class gets ready to transit, here is a celebratory announcement of where 2020 graduates are heading this fall to continue their dreams!

Abrica, Eduardo – Cal State Fullerton

Alegria, Karen – UC San Diego

Andrade, Jacquelin – UC Davis

Avila, Jordan – Santa Ana College

Carino, Jennifer – Cal State Sacramento or Chico

Carlos, Damaris –  Cal State Fullerton

Castro, Priscila – Cal State Fullerton

Cendejas, Maya – Cal State Fullerton

Cervantes, Alejandro – UC San Diego

Chavez, Estefani – UC Los Angeles

Chavez, Franco – UC Irvine

Chavez, Jazmin – UC Los Angeles

Chico, Melissa – Cal State Dominguez Hills

Chico, Priscilla – Cal State Fullerton

Corona, Emily – UC Los Angeles

Cortes, Magdalena – Santa Ana College

Cortes, Yvette – Santa Ana College

Cuellar, Aaron – Cal State Fullerton

Cuevas, Alan – Cal State Fullerton

Ediss, Reyna – Santa Ana College

Estrada, Santiago – Work in family business

Flores, Daniela – UC Los Angeles

Garcia, Aysha – California Baptist University

Garcia, Brandon – Cal State Sacramento

Garcia, Carlos – Chapman University

Gonzales, Luis – Cal State Fullerton

Gonzales, Moses – Cal State Dominguez Hills

Granados, Bryan – Cal State Fullerton

Guevara, Franklin – Stanford University

Gutierrez, Sarah – UC Santa Barbara

Hernandez, Angel – Chapman University

Hernandez, Nancy – Santa Ana College

Hernandez, Bet-Birai – UC San Diego

Jasso, Alberto – Cal State Fullerton

Jimenez, Samantha – Santa Ana College

Juarez, David – Chapman University

Juarez, Jayden – Santa Ana College

Juarez, Shyla – Gap Year

Landa. Janet – UC Los Angeles

Le, Erik – UC Irvine

Lopez, Genesis – UC San Diego

Luna, America – Cal State Fullerton

Mai, Dylan – UC Los Angeles

Martinez, Miguel – Work

Martinez, Monserrat – Cal State Fullerton

McDougall, Ashley – Cal State Fullerton

Mendez, Darwin – Santa Ana College

Mende, Francisco – Santa Ana College

Mendez, Jair – Cal State Fullerton

Montesinos, Arianna – Santa Ana College

Morales, Pedro – Cal State Fullerton

Moriel, Jacob – Santa Ana College

Nava, Lizbeth – UC Los Angeles

Negrete, Emanuel – UC Irvine

Negrete, Jacquelin – Work 

Ocampo, Nancy – Santa Ana College

Ordaz, Valerie – Cal State Dominguez Hills

Ortega, Adrian – University of Redlands

Ortiz, Jesse – UC San Diego

Peeler, Evan – Cal State Fullerton

Peralta, Maria – Cal State Fullerton

Playas, Nayeli – UC Los Angeles

Ramirez, Eric – Chapman University

Ramirez, Jesus – Cal State Fullerton

Ramirez, Joe – Cal State Fullerton

Ramirez, Leilani – Vanguard University

Ramos, Rudolfo – Cal State Fullerton

Regalado, Sofia – UC Riverside

Rivera, Roxana – Cal State Sacramento

Ruiz, Galilea – UC Riverside

Salas, Anthony – Chapman University

Sanchez, Jazlynn – Cal State Fullerton

Sanchez, Wendy – Cal State Fullerton

Serrato, Leonardo –  Santa Ana College

Serratos, Genesis – San Jose State University

Velarde, Valeria – Cal Poly Pomona

Vo, Tina – Cal State Fullerton

Zamudio, Jared – Cal State Fullerton