Who inspired our future: The Class of 2020


MCHS Yearbook Staff

Senior Priscila Castro, pictured here with senior Melissa Chico, found wisdom from her SAC professor Jeffrey Pedroza.

Maria Alegria, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The class of 2020 has faced many obstacles and overcome them all. They are resilient and determined. And behind them there are silent heroes. People whom they admire and look up to. Who are the people who inspired the seniors?

It’s very evident that throughout their many years of school they have encountered many amazing teachers. These teachers have marked a difference in their lives. 

Senior Priscila Castro felt this way towards her psychology professor.

“My psychology professor Jeffrey Pedroza because he was the one who I trusted telling my problems to and I’m thankful for that because even though at first I felt like I was never going to be able to talk about it he gave me the courage to break free from what I was going through. My life has changed A LOT because of that,” said Castro.

Teachers are not just there to teach and often go the extra mile. They provide their students with moral and emotional support. They prepare you for the real world all around.

Along with teachers we have our parents. They are the reason we exist. They push us to succeed and teach us life skills. They are our main support group. 

Senior Jacquelin Andrade looks up to her parents for their achievements. 

“I look up to my parents because they’ve been through a lot. They’ve worked very hard to provide for my sister and me. They work long hours every day just to give us a comfortable life,” said Andrade.

Our parents make sacrifices for our future. They make sure we have everything needed to succeed and ensure we won’t have to worry about anything. 

They teach us about the value of earning our things. We learn about what it means to work for what we deserve by looking at what they have done.

Senior Aaron Cuellar has learned the value of hard work through his father. 

“My father because to me, he represents what it means to work hard without any complaints. He always overcomes what’s thrown his way,” said Cuellar.

Admiration for our parents is miles long. They influence who we grow to be as a person and instill in us the keys to being successful.

Seniors of the class of 2020 were influenced by their parents and teachers and will go on to achieving great things. Their own journey has just begun.