This election year is crucial for the lives of many


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The 2020 election will be held on November 3.

The 2020 presidential election is undoubtedly one of the most important in American history, as people’s day-to-day lives will be heavily impacted due to the candidates values being polar opposites.

Just like every other election year, the American people will choose who they want for president of the United States.

This time, it is not the same. There’s something different about this election. 

“There is more at stake in this election,” said Mr. Ramos and Mrs. Van Dusen, both teachers at MCHS. 

The policies of past candidates have not differed as much as the current candidates.

Even though people all around the country will be affected, our Santa Ana community will be especially affected.

But why, exactly?

Some issues that the candidates disagree on are directly tied to people in our community. Things like immigration, help for the working class, economic plan, and the handling of COVID-19 all have some connection to most of our lives.

“Well I think it’s their economy,” said government/econ teacher Van Dusen when asked about the biggest difference between the Democrats and Republicans. 

Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden has been a supporter of raising the federal minimum wage to $15, plans to build on and expand the Affordable Care Act, and raise taxes for the top 20% of American households, based on income.

The Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, on the other hand, prefers to leave the minimum wage up to the states. He plans to cut Medicaid and Medicare budgets while promising to bring down drug prices, and finally, wants to cut taxes for most tax brackets. This will affect most Americans.

As you can see, their economic policies are far from similar.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a tough challenge to the United States, as there have been more than 200,000 recorded deaths and 7+ million cases. This is a topic that should not be taken lightly.

Recently, Trump has been getting criticized about his handling of the pandemic. His approach was more about opening the country and its economy back up, to not damage it.

Biden plans to beat COVID-19 by listening to the science and ensuring that public health decisions are informed by public health professionals.

They both want schools to re-open safely, something that most kids look forward to.

“The treatment of immigrants,” said Ramos about what’s at stake in this election. 

While this is only a small part of what is truly at stake, this issue has a tremendous impact on our community. 

Biden plans to get rid of Trump’s public charge rule, which strengthens the ability of federal officials to deny green cards to immigrants relying on federal aid. He also wants to end child separation policies and most importantly, protect Dreamers and their families.

Trump, on the other hand, wanted to end DACA, fully secure the border, and modernize legal immigration.

This issue is really important here, as around 44% of the Santa Ana population is foreign-born.

“If you are of voting age you have to vote on Nov 3. If you are not of voting age, make it your responsibility to make sure you remind your friends and family to vote,” said Ramos.