The correct way to holiday


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Holiday celebrations will mostly involve food at home.

Elizabeth Correa, Staff Writer


With the holidays coming up, the smell of gingerbread and open fire fill the air. The sight of Christmas lights and gleeful people are pictured in one’s mind. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we’re in a wild pandemic. Even with all of this going on, there are still ways to celebrate. 

Recently, celebrating the holidays during this pandemic has been very difficult. However, it is not impossible to have fun. Halloween this year seemed canceled due to the rules of social distancing, yet there were still ways to celebrate for the upcoming holidays. There are still precautions one needs to take to keep everyone safe but still be able to happily celebrate. The most important part of the holidays this year is being safe and COVID-19 free. 

Ways to have fun on the holidays this year have been spreading like wildfire on social media. There are lots of people doing trends on TikTok and Instagram. One of the most famous trends was the “hot chocolate bomb.” There is a recipe to follow or there’s some to purchase from the store. The hot chocolate bomb is a chocolate ball filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa powder and when you put it inside hot milk it explodes. Another famous and affordable trend going around was people getting Christmas themed pajamas and baking Christmas cookies that are only $3.00 at Target. 

Staying safe while celebrating the holidays is the most important thing you can do this year. Staying indoors is highly recommended but if you must go out, remember to stay 6 feet away from everyone, and sanitize to prevent catching COVID-19. It is always good to be considerate of everyone’s health, and being clean will help everyone be safe.

Sophomore Suleyka Hernandez has some fun and safe activities planned that she would like to share. She plans to celebrate with her family and her boyfriend. With her family, she plans on making food and making crafty gifts and with her boyfriend she plans to bake desserts. Her favorite holiday activity would be baking festive desserts like cupcakes with green and red frosting. Suleyka plans to do all of this safely and within the COVID-19 guidelines. 

Hernandez said, “I plan on either buying online or safely going to the store with my mask on and social distance while getting supplies out in public.” 

Suleyka suggests to others to try watching festive shows/movies with family to spend time together since it’s the holidays of cheer. She also suggests baking desserts with a family member as a competition to see who can make the best tasting dessert because it’s more exciting and entertaining. 

Junior Sofia Macedo Garcia also has her own COVID-19 friendly plans for the holidays. Macedo Garcia plans to have dinner with her close family members, make a gingerbread house and travel to Big Bear. The activities she plans to do is buy gifts. She especially wants to buy gifts for her niece such as coloring books and toys. Macedo Garcia’s favorite holiday activities are social distancing hangouts with friends and family.

 Some activities she suggests for others to do is to “Be safe and if you’re meeting with new people then to keep your masks on since COVID has recently gotten worse; it’s more fun to stay safe during the holidays than sick,” said Macedo Garcia. 

She also suggests creating your own decorations based off the theme of the holiday. 

Amid the different waves of COVID-19, there are still different ways to celebrate the holidays. It is important to keep safe by staying indoors, wearing masks, and social distancing. Doing this increases the safety of everyone, and decreases the chance of becoming sick.