Pixar’s latest movie “Soul” speaks volumes about what makes you, you



Soul now streams on Disney+ across all platforms.

Noe De Santiago, Staff Writer

When you were young, you pretty much spent your days care-free, playing with friends, and maybe getting into all sorts of trouble. But as you get older, you find yourself questioning what your true purpose is or your very own existence. These questions bring all sorts of anxiety and worries about what we make of ourselves in the future. 

Disney and Pixar’s latest movie “Soul” goes over this topic in a comforting manner. Its initial release was supposed to be June 19, 2020, but it ended up being pushed back due to Covid-19. It ended up releasing six months later on December 25 and since then it has been given tremendously positive feedback. It is available on Disney+ across all streaming platforms. 

“Soul” is a movie that follows a man named Joe Gardner, voiced by actor Jamie Foxx, who wants to become a professional jazz musician. Joe ends up getting an opportunity of a lifetime to finally pursue his career. As this happens, he ends up having to reunite his soul with his physical body after both were accidentally separated. During this separation, Joe visits The Great Before and gets answers to his many questions about our body, soul, and purpose in life. He is assigned to help prepare his new pal 22, (voiced by actor Tina Fey), for a new journey on Earth. This unprecedented circumstance makes him contemplate his choices and regrets because he took for granted the existence of his own life. 

The Great Before is a place where new souls are being mentored so that they can discover their hidden spark. They must achieve this so they can be happy and productive once they come down to earth.

One of the most notable traits Joe carries throughout the film is his passion. His love for jazz and his desire to become the best is extremely inspiring. There are scenes where you can feel his excitement when he talks about music; it’s pure and that’s what makes him a fun and relatable character. 

Successful jazz trumpeter, Tony Guerrero, explains why this film is relevant to today’s generation.

“It’s important to follow passions that you have,” said Guerrero.

This message is a powerful one and the film does an extraordinary job sending this message. Joe’s entire character is supposed to inspire us to stick with our passions. Towards the end of the film when Joe is asked how he is going to spend the rest of his life once he returns to earth, he answers with a powerful message: “I’m not sure, but I do know, I’m gonna live every minute of it.”

Despite having a strong passion for the things you love it is also important to “always broaden your horizon,” said Guerrero. He goes on to explain that although we have to stick to our passions to achieve our goals, we should also open ourselves to other opportunities so we live the best life possible.

Currently, it is at a 96% certified Rotten Tomatoes and an IMDb of 8.1 out of 10. “Soul” is currently nominated for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score in the Golden Globes.

With positive reviews continuing to come, Pixar has plans to release more movies this year. “Lightyear” releases summer of 2022. “Turning Red” releases spring of 2022. “Luca” releases June 18 of this year. These upcoming movies are sure to be memorable and inspiring for many.