The recap of the year: Netflix’s “Death to 2020”

Netflix Documentary Death to 2020 brings many emotions to viewers.


Netflix Documentary “Death to 2020” brings many emotions to viewers.

Juan Alvarado, Staff Writer

With the ending of 2020, many people were surprised with the documentary “Death to 2020” that Netflix released. This documentary brought many emotions to the viewers as different events were mentioned about this past year. Some of this documentary’s scenes gave viewers a clear insight on what people were saying about the 2020 events. During the actual experience seen, they get to imagine and experience what other entities think.

Many events happened during 2020, and it changed many people’s lives. 2020 hurt many people in many ways. The documentary “Death to 2020” shows us each event that happened month by month and they go into what people were feeling during each of those events. It all started with the wildfires in Australia; they caused so much damage to houses and the forest. Some lives were lost and many were left homeless. It ended with the 2020 presidential election; everything seemed to end well for some of us with Joe Biden winning.

Most people couldn’t comprehend how many bad things can happen in just one year. From scientists to soccer moms, everything was just a mystery for the interviewees.

Throughout the film, many emotions are brought to the viewer from anger to sadness. Everyone disliked 2020 and it was a common reaction because many people died to Covid-19. I found it funny how many of the people didn’t know how to explain the things that happened or how they felt since it was all fast and crazy.

The creator of the documentary, Charlie Brooker made it a dark comedy film so that people can get a laugh from this dreadful year. Most scenes contained valuable information, but Brooker added a twist and would add jokes. I didn’t really expect it to be that funny since it isn’t meant to be. Brooker sure does know how to get a crowd laughing. The viewer’s emotions are a whole bag of confusion.

The viewers can see many people get interviewed about the events and what they did and most of them appeared confused. In the documentary, it shows different doctors getting asked when they think that a cure would be made to fully eliminate the virus. They answered in a sad voice that they don’t think that there would even be a cure to clean this mess up and the audience got sad in that scene. 

Another scene that really grabbed the viewer’s attention was when they interviewed the Republican played by Lisa Kudrow and asked what was her opinion on former President Trump and the mess with Iraq. This was from January when the Iranian general Soleimani was killed. Former President Trump was thought responsible for ordering the assassination. She answered that there was evidence that Trump sent the missile and when asked to see the evidence she claimed that there was none. This showed how politicians were denying the facts and the truth. That scene got many viewers mad and confused. I personally thought that scene made the movie funnier.

Netflix “Death to 2020’’ was a straight hit when it was just released and made it to top 10 in a matter of hours. Many people liked it because of how it broke down the months and each event that happened in each month. Charlie Brooker really outdid himself and made a great film. “Death to 2020” was one of the final things released last year, and personally I think that we needed that recap of the year since many things happened.