Oddly delicious food combinations


Zachary Elson

Sophomore Zachary Elson’s favorite food combination, mac and cheese and weenies, looks delicious on his dining room table.

Elizabeth Correa, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that french fries taste good dipped in milkshakes, or pizza and ranch dressing are a match made in heaven. You may think these food duos taste delicious, even if they are a bit weird. However, there are some people who may confide in much more bizarre food combinations. 

There is a certain line that defines food that belong together, and absolutely monstrous creations. Bread and butter are two things that completely compliment each other so much that it’s used as a phrase to describe things that are meant for each other. However, chocolates and avocados is a phrase never used, despite some thinking they are delicious together because the idea of it is weird.

Eating foods that are not usually paired can be from either cultural purposes, or solely just an idea that someone came up with when they were bored. Regardless, these weird food combinations are interesting, and they are considered to be gourmet meals by some. 

Traditional foods in different cultures can be the reason why people eat different varieties of food combinations. We might consider it different as it is foreign to us, but it might be the norm for people raised around those foods. It’s something that we don’t see very often and thus might reject it.

 An example of a traditional food combination that’s seen as weird to others is a food combination heard from Julio Cayton, a 15- year-old sophomore at Troy High School. It is a Filipino dish called “Kare Kare.” Kare Kare is basically oxtail and pork subdued in melted peanut butter with asparagus and potatoes. I considered this to be very weird, but to him since he grew up around it due cultural reasons, it’s normal to him. 

I interviewed sophomore, Zachary Elson. Elson came up with his snack, mac and cheese with weenies on top. I asked him what made him think about combining these two foods.

He said, “I loved hot dogs and mac and cheese, so I decided to combine the two.”

He just thought of the idea, and thus created that snack.

I then asked if he liked them separate, or if he cannot stand eating them by themselves.

Elson said he likes them both separate as well. I asked how often he eats this food, and he replied how he eats it weekly.

Another question I asked him, if this food was something he looks forward to eating; he said,  “Yes, it is anytime I have the chance, and am hungry, it’s a go-to food.” Needless to say, this weird food combination that Elson thought of, is something he truly enjoys.

My mother, Monica Moralez,  has her own bizarre snack. Her snack is Hot Cheeto Puffs and cream cheese. 

When asked what made her combine the two foods, she said, “Being pregnant really made me crave something spicy and sweet so cream cheese mixed with Hot Cheeto puffs really did it for me.”

She likes them separately however she prefers them together.

Moralez stated, “The taste of this food combination is spicy but, “The cream cheese creates this escape from the hotness of the Hot Cheetos;  I can only describe it as a flavor that pushes and pulls, war and peace, and it’s so very delicious.” 

The way to make this food combination is super easy.  You just put some cream cheese spread on a plate.  Then get a Hot Cheeto puff bag,  then dip a Hot Cheeto puff in the cream cheese. . Moralez definitely recommends this snack for others because it won’t disappoint and it’s very easy to make.

Although some people prefer traditional “normal” foods, there are some unusual food combinations that are no doubt delicious to some people, whether it’s traditional, or simply just thought up; these meals will be something that people will enjoy.