If they’re happy, who cares?

There is a lack of criticism for men in Hollywood who date minors.

Juan Carreon (made with Canva)

There is a lack of criticism for men in Hollywood who date minors.

The concept of predatory behavior in Hollywood isn’t a new one, but it’s surprising that nothing has been done about it. Although dating a minor itself isn’t illegal, it is still morally wrong, because in the United States until you turn 18, you are legally still a child.

When famous men get exposed in Hollywood for dating minors, there is a shocking number of people who continue to show support for them. The concept of fame itself can be dangerous, in falling in love with fictional characters and the actors that play them. We put them on pedestals and protect them from critiques when they do something bad or even illegal. Which is why I think some of these men of Hollywood get away with dating minors. For example in the case of Wilmer Valderrama when he was 29, he dated Demi Lovato when they were 17, Lindsay Lohan when she was 17 and he was 24, and Mandy Moore when she was 16 and he was around 20. Despite this, Valderrama still remains the lovable character Dez from “That 70s Show.” Others include Jerry Seinfeld, who was 39 when he began dating Shoshanna Lonstein when she was 17. Doug Hutchison was 51 when he married Courtney Stodden, who was 16. 

Senior Lucia Martinez shares her opinion on if status should be taken away from actors who have been revealed to have been dating minors.

“It not a matter of if their status should be stripped away; it is a matter of will their followers neglect the fact that they’ve dated minors?” she said.

This is something that resonated with me because it all ties back to the aspect of putting celebrities on pedestals. It clouds our judgment whenever they do something wrong because you can’t bear the idea of having the image defaced. Which sometimes means seeing them for the somewhat monsters they are.

Senior Jesse Camacho stated his opinion on whether or not the minors were lured into the relationship. 

“The minor is a minor, but also the men have power since they’re famous,” he said.

I agreed with Camacho’s position and how he didn’t really know how to answer the question of why it is happening and just the general notion that it happens at all. Camacho brings up the point of power dynamics that sometimes happen when the minors get star struck, which is the first step of them getting lured into the relationship. 

The idea that some of the men in Hollywood that have engaged with minors that went into the relationships knowing that it was wrong and still went with it is disturbing, and that they use their status to attract minors is even more horrifying. Which is why most fans don’t think about it, but in doing that, they end up dismissing it entirely.  Which is why I think that some of them are able to retain their status.

Overall the idea that there are men in this world that think it’s ok to date a minor is appalling, mainly because they are making the decision to engage with you as a child. Another thing to consider is when they feel pressured to pursue the relationship in the first place. There is an unspoken power dynamic that is never mentioned especially when people try to blame the minor. They are ultimately starstruck and don’t want to disappoint even if that means doing something that they know is wrong. This wouldn’t be acceptable behavior even if they were of age. It’s incredibly toxic behavior stemming from the man’s entitlement to anyone they want just because they are famous.