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Seniors enjoyed their prom and had a great time with their friends. Many memories were made and the night was a success.
A memorable night
May 28, 2024

Podcast: Los WizardPundits’ Euphony Part 2

Podcast: Los WizardPundits Euphony Part 2

CHRISTIAN HERRERA GOMEZ –  Hello everybody! Welcome back to another Middle College High School podcast! I’m your host Christian.

EDWARD MARTINEZ – I’m your second host, Edward.

ANTHONY ARIAS – And I’m your third host, Anthony.

HERRERA –  Welcome to episode two of La Wizard Pundits’ Euphony. Today we will be rating the songs that you have given us, again! 

MARTINEZ – Mostly everyone wanted a second podcast because they wanted their songs to be rated, but some people wanted it just because they enjoyed dissing it and making fun of us; either way, we are ready to fulfill the fans’ needs.

ARIAS – We are going to repeat this same podcast outline and follow the standard by rating ten songs.  

MARTINEZ – Without further ado.

ALL – Let’s start the show. 

HERRERA –  Alright, so this song is called “Chug Jug With You,” Number one victory royale by Leviathan JPTV.

HERRERA – I literally don’t hear too much right now, the intro is weird.

(Song cuts him off)

MARTINEZ – Oh (dang) man, I love this song, it has such a good beat.

HERRERA – I remember listening to this song when I was younger I guess; it was good back then but after a while it just got boring. It’s good I guess, but I would rather get the original version.

MARTINEZ – Original song?

HERRERA –  Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was like, uh, it was about going somewhere I’m pretty sure. This is not an original song, I mean, it is original, but the beat was taken from somewhere else.

MARTINEZ – I think I actually like the parody to be honest. It’s a pretty good song, but it’s not the best like you said. But it is an average song which has a good beat, and it gives the songs a feeling you know. Since I used to listen to this song when I was playing Fortnite and I had this for my Fortnite birthday party. 

HERRERA –  You had this on your birthday party? 

ARIAS – That’s actually so crazy. I actually had this for my birthday party too. It was a good song and I would say it was a good song back in the day but now, I guess it’s just kinda not the best.

HERRERA – Dang, I guess aging changes us. So what do you think of it?

ARIAS – For me, D tier is good. It’s not the worst, but it’s also not my favorite.

HERRERA – I’m not going to be mean, so I will put it on C tier. 

MARTINEZ – I put C tier too because of the nostalgia it gives. 


HERRERA – That’s nostalgic?


MARTINEZ – Yea, yea alright, let’s go on to the next song.

HERRERA –  This song is called “TRASH CANDY” like Edward candy! By GRANRODEO.

MARTINEZ – Edward candy, why did you say Edward candy?

HERRERA –  You don’t need to know that.

MARTINEZ –  This song sounds like an anime intro. 

HERRERA – It is an anime intro.

MARTINEZ –  Really?

HERRERA – Yeah, I know the person who requested this, so yeah. 

MARTINEZ –  Well, I don’t know about you guys but I actually like songs like this because of the fast-fast intro even if I don’t really understand the language barrier. I don’t really understand it,  it has a good match with the beat which I respect, so it’s a bop.

ARIAS – This song is definitely not for me. I am not an anime-type of guy. and this song lowkey is just not for me, I don’t like how it sounds.

HERRERA – You absolutely despise it? 

ARIAS – Yeah honestly I do despise it. It is not for me at all.

HERRERA – That’s crazy! But, I guess that makes sense if you don’t like it. Everyone has a different taste.

MARTINEZ – So let’s go on the ratings or? So for me, I feel like I rate this a A tier, I actually like this song, I don’t know about y’all  but I rate this A.  

HERRERA – I’d go with B, I understand as a previous drummer, I understand how hard it could be to do all that. I want to be nice though. 

ARIAS – For me D tier honestly again you guys are being way too generous this is not worthy of an A tier this is a D tier for me.

MARTINEZ – So we average this to a C or B? 

ARIAS – C, B actually.

MARTINEZ –  A, B alright.

MARTINEZ –  Alright, let’s go on to the next song, Oh my god, who recommended this song? 

HERRERA – I wonder who. Ok this is actually the first person who we asked to give us a song, and this is the song that they gave us. So.

MARTINEZ – We should have known this day would come. 

HERRERA – Everyone just wanted us to do this in the last one. 

MARTINEZ –  So other than like recognize the…

HERRERA – It’s a love song. I don’t like it. A love song won last podcast, we can’t have another one winning.

(Someone taps to the beat)

MARTINEZ – Oh yeah, you’re right, umm it’s also kind of repetitive which is something I don’t like.

(Another one taps to the beat)

ARIAS – Yeah it is very repetitive.

MARTINEZ – And the beat and lyrics aren’t really the best so I give this a B tier. 

(Another person taps to the beat)

HERRERA – I’d guess I’ll give it a C tier.

ARIAS – This is not my favorite. It is not that bad like the others to be honest.

MARTINEZ –  It is. 

HERRERA – It is not that bad.

ARIAS – For me, it’s a C tier. 

MARTINEZ – Alright, so a C tier?

ARIAS – Yeah I think a C tier average.

HERRERA – A C tier’s good.

MARTINEZ – Alright, let’s go on to the next one.

MARTINEZ – Ohh, I like this beat, I feel like I can recognize this song.

ARIAS – This intro is nice.

HERRERA – Ok, this song is called ”Tell Me” by Wonder Girls. I feel like this came out very very -it’s pretty old. Fun fact, the original creators, Wonder Girls, didn’t want this to be like published. 

MARTINEZ –  Really, it doesn’t seem that bad.

ARIAS – Yeah it doesn’t seem that bad, but to be honest compared to the last one I definitely prefer the last one. This is not for me again.

MARTINEZ – You prefer Rick Astley!

ARIAS – Yeah I prefer Rick Astley over this. Seems like another anime one, not my thing.

MARTINEZ –  I guess some people just don’t like…

HERRERA – To you, what is an anime song? What classifies an anime song for you? What makes you think it’s an anime song?

ARIAS – The lyrics, the way it sounds, you can kinda just feel it you know when it’s an anime song.

MARTINEZ –  Is it because it is in a different language? 

MARTINEZ – Alright anyway, other than it supposedly being an anime song, what’s your thoughts, like what you give it. I give it an A, you Christian? 

HERRERA – I’d give it a C tier- I don’t like it.

ARIAS – D tier again, D tier is gonna be used a lot.

MARTINEZ – Last podcast, I was harsh, now y’all  being harsh so umm the average is a B?

MARTINEZ – C, I guess. “Tell me” Wonder Girls rated a C, let’s go on to the next one. 



HERRERA – One of my favorite songs, I know that people don’t really like slow songs, but I just like the guitar honestly.

MARTINEZ – I’m Sorry, Christian but like I don’t like slow songs so…

HERRERA – So you don’t like taking it slow, good to know.   

MARTINEZ – The intro is kinda, is so long, it’s the instrumental, it’s just instrumental for like, IT’S SIX MINUTES LONG!

HERRERA – Alright, I think we got the wrong version. The one I like is similar but it’s not too long. I am going to rate this new one that is six minutes. Cause that actually seems way longer than I want it to be. But so far, we could have a whole yapping (talking) session, in the intro in which this song starts.

MARTINEZ – There’s legit no lyrics.

ARIAS – This is not my type either, the intro took a whole minute.

HERRERA – Just skip it, we have the power of that. 

ARIAS – Naw this is not for me.

MARTINEZ – So what do you rate, I’ll rate it a C, it is not the best but also not the worst, not worse than Rick Ashley. 

HERRERA – Rick Ashley?

ARIAS – This is the worst song here, I’m giving this an F.

HERRERA – That’s crazy, less than an F.

MARTINEZ – So that will be a C.

MARTINEZ – I put a C. 

HERRERA – That perfectly cancels each other out, which is weird.

MARTINEZ – Are you ready guys, next song. 

HERRERA – This is called “We Can’t Be Friends” by Ariana Grande. If you don’t like “Hotel California,” we can’t be friends. I’m just kidding. 

MARTINEZ – Well actually, this song isn’t that bad, it better than the last one, it actually has lyrics in the first bit.

HERRERA – So you’re saying that there is a song that just says random stuff but plays at the beginning, you’ll like it?

MARTINEZ – I mean her voice is actually good though.

ARIAS – The intro was a lot too.

HERRERA – Does Ariana Grande even have friends? That are famous?

MARTINEZ – Yeah, I’m pretty sure. The intro had me but the beat like I didn’t expect the beat to turn fast, and also it like depressing so I give this song a C because-

HERRERA – Too depressing, relatable but depressing.

ARIAS – All these songs are lowkey not for me but to be honest, this song actually  is not that bad I’ll give it a C tier.

HERRERA – Alright, we all agreed on C.

MARTINEZ – We finally agree on something, alright you want to go onto the next song? 

HERRERA – This one’s called “All The Small Things” by Blink-182. This reminds me of one of those intros for those either action movies 2000 movies that always say, “Coming soon!”

MARTINEZ – I like this song. 

ARIAS – Yeah, I like this song too.

HERRERA – Me too.

MARTINEZ – Ok, I like this song, I give it like an A tier. 

ARIAS – For me it’s a B tier but this song is good. I like it.

MARTINEZ – So, let’s just go with A, I guess?

ARIAS – Yeah A tier is fine.

HERRERA – Alright, this one is  “Snakeskin Boots” by  Jack Wall. It’s from “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.”

MARTINEZ – How do you know that?

HERRERA – It says right there in the picture. “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.” Does anyone even play that game?

ARIAS – Yeah actually I played that game too.

MARTINEZ – I used to. It was a fun game.

HERRERA – When does this play? Does this play in the lobby or something?

MARTINEZ – It might be one of the- I think it might be the zombies.

HERRERA – Zombies, wait but I used to play Black Ops 2 in zombie games. It was just an eerie song.

ARIAS – Yeah this does not sound like it would be in zombies bro.

MARTINEZ – Sometime, there-

HERRERA – Yeah, why would this be zombie related. Who thinks, “Hey, I’m a zombie. You know what, let’s start a jazz band!”

MARTINEZ – I don’t know, maybe a trailer.

MARTINEZ – You know the cutscene in zombies.

ARIAS – Oh I can see that actually, yeah I can see that.

MARTINEZ – I forgot the zombie name but there’s one with a ghost which has a similar sound. I mean it’s a pretty good song. 

HERRERA – Alright, I guess I’ll give it a B tier. 

MARTINEZ – A B tier? Alright, other than you know the understanding that it is zombies, so I might have little bias, but I give it a B tier too because it is not that bad.

ARIAS – Yeah it’s not that bad but for me I’m gonna be honest its a C tier it’s not that bad but it’s not that good.

MARTINEZ – I actually changed my rank to C tier, it is not the best but it is average so C.

ARIAS – Yeah it’s not the best but it is average.

HERRERA –  The next song is, “Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir.” I said it so wrong.

MARTINEZ – Ay ay, we’re not, we’re not Spanish people here.

HERRERA –  Yeah we are, at least I am.

MARTINEZ – Ohh, I am Spanish yeah-

HERRERA –  I literally asked for someone else to say it, and literally everyone pointed to me.

MARTINEZ – Did we say the name? Say the name bro.

HERRERA – I just said it already.


HERRERA – Oh the name! It’s made by La Sonora Dinamita, and Margarita. Isn’t that the name of a drink?

MARTINEZ – I have no idea. 

ARIAS – Yeah that is the name of a drink actually.

HERRERA – Everyone uses this at a party. 

ARIAS – I like this song, definitely the best one here by far. A tier for me S tier actually the best one here by far.

HERRERA – Yeah, S tier. 

MARTINEZ – Alright, I’m going to tell you this before anyone goes against me, but S tier ‘cause it’s a banger. 

HERRERA – Alright, we all agree on this one. 

MARTINEZ – This is our first S tier!

HERRERA – Alright, time for the next one. The next one has been requested by someone we know here, but it was actually created by someone that we know at another school.

MARTINEZ – This song is not popular so if you haven’t heard this song, maybe check it out.

HERRERA – Yeah his name was, he was from Mendez, and his name was… I forgot his name, sorry dude. His song name is J.T $cott with a dollar sign for an S . This is called “Cold Nights.”  I haven’t heard this song at all. Anthony was so eager to hear this song, and we couldn’t fight him so yeah. This is our actual reaction to this song.

MARTINEZ – So you’re welcome who ever requested, hope you like our recommendations and rating. So let’s get it started, “Cold Nights” by J.T $cott! I mean the beat, the beat. Not gonna lie, the beat sounds like it’s off YouTube.

ARIAS – No, the beat sounds good. I like this beat. Hopefully the lyrics-.

HERRERA – What happened to long intros huh, I thought you didn’t.

MARTINEZ – I hear mumbling in the background. 


MARTINEZ – Oh, like I said I don’t really like depressed songs.

HERRERA – At least in the other songs, we could tell that they tried to hide the autotune. 

ARIAS – This song is a banger, I don’t know what you guys are talking about this is definitely a banger right here.

MARTINEZ – I don’t know about that Chief, I kinda hearing a little too much autotune. What is he even saying?

ARIAS – Let’s hear a little bit more, let’s see, banger.

MARTINEZ – It sounds like the songs about a girl who he used to text from I heard from the lyrics.

HERRERA – A lot of songs are about that.

ARIAS – This is the best part.

MARTINEZ – Ohhh, why is it kinda fire though. 

ARIAS – This is fire this is an S tier for me, banger song. This is definitely an S. What are you talking about? Best song of all-

MARTINEZ – Alright, this part is pretty good, the rhythm right there was pretty good but the rest is kinda (*ss) so I’m put to a D tier.

ARIAS – This is an S tier guys I don’t know  what you guys are talking about.

MARTINEZ –  I’m put to a D tier, you Christian?

HERRERA – F tier? I’ll Give this an F tier.

MARTINEZ – First F- in the series. So it averages out to a D-. Sorry, Scott.

ARIAS – That’s crazy.

HERRERA – It’s not the worst one here.

ARIAS – I definitely think it’s the best one here by far. JT $COTT is amazing.

HERRERA – It’s as good as my “Elephant Rap.”

MARTINEZ –  Yeah. 


MARTINEZ – Yeah, It is a perfect match.

HERRERA – Alright, everyone! That’s a wrap on today’s episode of La Wizard Pundits’ Euphony! We had an awesome time ranking some of your greatest tracks.

ARIAS – We hope you enjoyed the journey as much as we did! Don’t forget to follow, leave a review, and share your thoughts with us through our Google Form. 

MARTINEZ – And hey, if you have any suggestions for future episodes or music you’d like us to rank, shoot us a message! We’re always on the lookout for new tunes and ideas.

HERRERA – Although, it’s time to announce the winner, this one was a no brainer. The winner with the best rated song was 

HERRERA – “Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir”– made by la Sonora Dinamita. Sent by an anonymous person. If you sent this song, you can reach out to have your listed in the hall of fame shown in our form.

ARIAS – Until next time, keep the music alive and your headphones on! Thanks for tuning in to La Wizard’s Pundit Euphony, where the beat never stops! Catch you later!

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