Angry, entitled or just unheard: The current frustration gamers face with developers


Jason Andrei Espiritu

Frustrated gamer becomes overwhelmed with disappointment by what he’s playing.

We currently live in an age where video games are a common staple in many peoples’ lives. From old to young, people are using video games as a time to relieve stress and relax. In some instances and typically for those who are fans of bigger franchises, these games become frustrating or disappointing.

Much of the disappointment gamers currently face comes from the decisions the developers make. Previously, video games couldn’t receive updates or improvements as quickly because the internet wasn’t vastly supported among them, but now it has opened new avenues for adjustments and more importantly purchasable add ons. With updates in the mix, this often results in many developers releasing games early or even unfinished. Take the game “Cyberpunk 2077”developed for four years by CD Projekt Red– it has faced intense backlash and even lawsuits for other game-breaking bugs and glitches.

Senior Jacob Cortez said, “It’s become a business model that instead of giving out good products, companies would rather make their deadlines.”

Games like “Cyberpunk” and “Call of Duty” still make plenty of money for the publishers and developers despite releasing almost unfinished products at times.

Much of this is because they are developed and produced by companies and developers that have built up their reputation over the last two decades. “Call of Duty” could even be considered a way the youth coped with the Great Recession of 2008. Of course these games still had issues, but they weren’t as noticeable or as impactful because the player base wasn’t as large.

“I think the reason the big companies have reduced their quality in video games is because they don’t have to put much effort into something as many will buy it anyways because it’s a mainstream game,” said senior Jorge Neri.

Of course nothing is perfect, but when you have such a massive community whose complaints and thoughts aren’t being resolved, there are bound to be issues. The disappointment and distrust the gaming community feels towards developers comes from the lack of communication and coherency. Much of the time the community is ignored and left in the dark for what will be changed or added. Not all voices can be heard but pressing issues that are numerously reported and becoming notorious have to be addressed faster by quicker updates and patches if the relationship between gamer and game is to continue.

“Triple A companies really need to prioritize what Electronic Arts said, even though they don’t follow it themselves. ‘Is this good for the player?’ To really answer that, you need to look at the community and really see what they actually love about the game. Nintendo makes really good games and the fans love it, but the fact that they’re so disconnected from their community is what holds them back,” said Cortez.

No game is perfect just as no person is perfect. Everyone has their own preferences and taste. In order to maximize a majority’s fun and entertainment, developers have to abridge the gap using thorough communication and transparency.