Something different

A quick glance at a typical news front page can be incredibly depressing. From headlines about a possible nuclear war to yet another species going extinct, it’s clear to anyone that the media can have a negative bias. While the headlines sometimes spell the deadline for humanity’s fate, it’s important to know that the world outside of the media’s peripherals is a lot more hope-inspiring.

There have been amazing breakthroughs in all fields of the world. For example, did you hear about the lamb and human hybrids being made in labs? As gross as it sounds, it actually is a tremendous breakthrough for the medical field! The success of this experiment promises to lead to the growth of human organs used for human transplants. Discoveries and experiments that have the potential to change life as we know it are often left unreported.

Did you also happen to hear about the honey bee population rising? When the media caught on that our precious honey making critters were hanging by a thread, they hit the American population with panic-inducing articles about what would happen if the bees went extinct. Now that the bees are buzzing their way into a happy and healthy population status, there seems to be no media outbreak on the optimistic news.

Locally, there was this heart-wrenching story about a Californian family that was too poor to afford a home. The parents of the family were taken into custody due to accusations of child abuse but were in reality to poor to buy a place to live. With this, the community around them all teamed up and are raising money in efforts to buy them a house! This entire project was lead by a friend of the accused who claimed who stood with them through every trial and tribulation.

As students who attend a stress heavy school, it’s important to remember that the world is a beautiful place. Our generation is shrouded in pessimism, but just because we see nothing but sadness in the headlines doesn’t mean that is all there is. It will always be easy to gravitate towards negativity, but that isn’t a reason to degrade or ignore the hard work that some people are fighting so hard for.