New Rules. New Opportunities. New bill may open doors for transfer students to CSU.


Rebecca Guerrero

Juniors Joshua Bravo(left) and Max Rodriguez (right) wondering if this bill would make them want to go to a Cal State.

$20,700 dollars. That’s about how much college students pay per year while trying to get their bachelors degree. Some MCHS students believe they were one of the few school systems to save student tuition, but now the CSU system is considering passing a bill that will save transfer students thousands of dollars.

According to the California Legislative Information site, Bill AB 1862, introduced by Assembly Member Miguel Santiago and members of the Los Angeles Community College District Board, is for California Community College resident transfer students who have completed an associate degree and are working to get their bachelor’s degree. This bill will prohibit the Cal States from charging tuition or fees to these transfer students for up to two academic years. This means that California transfer students could get their first two years of tuition at a Cal State for free.

“It would be tremendous, especially for those who want to go to Cal States,” said MCHS counselor Velina Espinosa.

Mrs. Espinosa mentioned that if this bill passed it would especially help students that went to graduate school because they would save even more money in their undergraduate studies. 

She mentioned that if the only thing students “had to pay now was graduate school, that would give students more opportunities to go to private schools or UC’s for their graduate degrees.” As Mrs. Espinosa stated, this is a great opportunity for students.

“Everyone’s like all worried about college and… knowing that two years are free would really ease the pressure off families,” said senior Jesus Ramirez.

Ramirez mentioned that if this bill passed, it would be a great opportunity for those who may not be able to afford the costs of higher education. 

As students, we already have a few opportunities to get money for college, but with a bill like this adding on to the California College Promise program (which already said that students who fall under certain requirements can have have their tuition fees waived for their first two years of community college) it can indeed open the doors to the higher education we need.