Help the koalas and kangaroos!


Maria Alegria

MCHS student browses the Ivory Ella website for limited edition tees sold to help aid victims of the Australian Fires.

Australia has been burning since September of last year. Numerous fires have managed to spread around the country, more than 12 million acres have been burned, and thousands of homes lost. What can you do to help? Let’s begin with an overview of the whole situation. 

In September of 2019, an unfortunate outbreak of the fire season began. The dry and hot climate of the current drought did not serve any benefit to bush fires. The fires initiated in Victoria’s East Gippsland and have spread all the way to New South Wales. It’s destroying and damaging all the life that crosses its path. 

The fires have been incredibly strong, requiring the firefighters to seek more help. The United States sent 200 American firefighters to the fire last year in December. These firefighters have applied what they have learned from local fires such as the California fires to approach the Australian fires wisely.

Mr. Sean Decker, Segerstrom High School teacher, recently traveled to Australia and could not believe the damage the fires were causing. 

“At the time of my visit hundreds of homes had burned and countless animals had been killed as a result of the fires,” said Decker.

According to the University of Sydney, “More than 800 million animals have been killed as a result of the fires.”

The native animals of Australia are dying at astonishing rates.

The United States is more than 9,000 miles away from Australia, making it difficult to help in person, let alone the time and expenses that would be needed to travel. 

Sophomore Jessika Rivero explained that it’s devastating not being there in person to help.

“It makes me feel extremely sad that I can’t help if I don’t even live there,” said Rivero.

However, there are many ways you can help with the bush fires. One way is through donation. 

“People can donate to a number of organizations in order to help the victims of the fires including the Australian Red Cross,” said Decker. 

Many brands are also donating a percentage, or all of their profits, made on sales. For example, Ivory Ella has a limited edition Australian wildlife rescue tee. All of the profits made on this tee will go to Animals Australia. This organization helps support wildlife veterinarians reach the location most affected by the fires. 

What if you cannot donate? What else can you do? Sometimes donating can be hard for some of us because we are not financially able to.

Junior Samantha Mondragon suggested spreading awareness of the fires.

“I can think of helping is by spreading awareness about what is happening. I know that there are also programs where you can help by giving money to them but as I am not currently working, I don’t think that option is currently available,” said Mondragon.

All the effort put in to help the relief of the fires whether it be donating, spreading the word, or actually being there to aid others makes a big impact. Everything helps.

“What starts small can grow into a large effort,” said Decker.