Bye bye Boy Scouts


Rebecca Guerrero

Senior Dylan Mai wonders what the future awaits for the Boy Scouts.

112 years of history and lessons about what it meant to be a good citizen, have chivalrous behavior, and have skills in various outdoor activities were all for naught. On February 18, 2020, the century-old organization, Boy Scouts, filed for bankruptcy due to many accusations. 

Sophomore Albert Huynh, a Boy Scout, did not know they filed for bankruptcy. 

“I don’t follow that much Boy Scouts news; I haven’t heard about this,” said Huynh.

Huynh was baffled by what was happening with the Boy Scouts organization. When talking to him about how the bankruptcy made him feel, he mentioned that he “didn’t know.” Huynh stated that the bankruptcy of Boy Scouts brought a lot of questions to him.

“What does that mean then?” Huynh said.

This doesn’t just affect  the Boy Scouts. What about their sister organization, the Girl Scouts?

Sophomore Alyssa Helstern, a former Girl Scout, mentioned that she always thought of Boy Scouts as a good organization. 

“I thought Boy Scouts was a great opportunity for boys,” Helstern said.

When Helstern was told about their file for bankruptcy, she was confused as to what happened and why they did it. 

“Why… I want to know more about it,” said Helstern. 

According to the New York Times, the main reason  the organization filed for bankruptcy was to deal with the sexual assault cases they were being faced with. 

“…to contribute substantially to the victim’s compensation trust that the Boy Scouts have proposed setting up to settle current and future claims,” stated the article.

Helstern thought that their bankruptcy was caused by the anger of parents concerning changes being made to the organization. When Helstern found out the real reason, she had negative feelings. 

“I feel upset because I thought it was something else,” said Helstern.

Ultimately, the Boy Scouts filing for bankruptcy will affect all of the troops and anyone connected to them, but perhaps like Huynh said, “I don’t think that this is really the end of them.”