Dance team presidents: Leaders behind the scenes


Photo courtesy of Instagram (Genesis Serratos)

Dance Team presidents, Daniela Flores and Genesis Serratos, lovingly lean on each other at school right before a performance.

5, 6, 7, 8… Who do we appreciate? Daniela and Genesis!! 

The Middle College dance team is known for putting on showcases displaying their talent through dance for people to enjoy, whether it be at a school assembly or outside of school like the annual Boca de Oro Festival. Many people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. 

Every year two people are chosen to handle the responsibilities of the team such as learning/choreographing dances for performances, perfecting the dances, coordinating outfits, etc. This past school year, the dance team was blessed to have seniors Daniela Flores and Genesis Serratos leading them. 

Here is what the dance team members have to say about them: 

“I would say that Daniela and Genesis helped me so much find my place in the dance team. I feel like Daniela has inspired me to enjoy the small things in the dance team. While Genesis inspired me to be me and enjoy what I do in my life. My favorite performance was the Santa Ana High School performance, because it made me feel happy and confident that I got chosen to perform there. I am grateful for everything Genesis and Daniela did for the team and for me,” said freshman Kimberly Lopez. 

“Daniela and Genesis are the foundation of the family that the dance team is. They are extremely supportive in every way of each and every one of us, and put countless hours of their time into making the best out of every performance. At heart they are kind and loving, and have helped empower women, and generations to come. Apart from the evident responsibility that it takes to lead a team, every day they show us that we can find our own beauty when we look for it in each other,” said freshman Cecy Rivera.

“I feel very grateful to both Daniela and Genesis for bringing me out of my shell and giving not just me but the entire team more confidence and assuredness on each performance we would perform on. Even though I didn’t know them for long they work really hard for each and every one of us on the team. They are both really kind and are truly great people that helped me grow as a person and dancer,” said freshman Miriam Mendez. 

“When I joined the dance team, I was really determined to do good and perform well. The dance presidents were really amazing dancers and I wanted to meet their expectations; perhaps, even be as good as them one day. I knew that it takes a lot of practice to be a decent dancer, so I always tried my best and asked for help. I would say that Daniela is an incredibly nice person because she’s that person you can reach out to when you need help, and she’s more than willing to do so. I felt comfortable around her because of her bubbly personality. And as for Genesis, I would say that she’s that person you look up to because of how cool they are and how they can carry themselves. She’s confident in everything she does and that helped me to do the same,” said sophomore Lucia Martínez. 

“Being able to be a part of the team and have Daniela and Genesis as our presidents was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything . They’re one of the most hardworking and genuine people I’ve ever met. I love how we weren’t only a team to them but as well as a family. They always made sure we were doing okay and helped us with anything we needed. They inspired me to work and practice harder because seeing them be passionate about dance made me feel more motivated. Not only that, they also helped me become more confident in dance with their encouraging words. Every single performance we did was such a great experience with them, from the nerves before the performance to the happiness and adrenaline afterwards,” said sophomore Yarethsi Leal. 

“I personally love the dance team. Not only do I love to dance, but I love the team and each one of their personalities. What I love about Daniela is that she is very hardworking and kind. Daniela always helps and is always on top of everything. Genesis is sweet and very dedicated. She always puts a smile on my face whenever I’m upset. Genesis also always goes out of her way to make sure that you aren’t struggling in any dance. My favorite performance was when we performed in Santa Ana. I had never had the opportunity to perform in such a big place with many people watching,” said sophomore Jessika Rivero. 

“Daniela and Genesis have been such a great role model to me and everyone in the dance team. They are always motivational and encouraging to all of the members. I will miss them so much. They are so dedicated to every performance that we have and the best performs ever. Congrats on getting into your colleges and I wish y’all the best,” said sophomore Lillian Le. 

“I think our dance presidents work hard to teach and be at our dance practices. They have made my first year of dance the best one and have helped me get better and when I was behind on learning the dances they were there to teach me. My favorite performance would have to be the last one we had before quarantine. The song and dances were amazing,” said junior Alondra Luis. 

“Daniela and Genesis have been great dance team captains. They have developed a great friendship with all the girls and have demonstrated great qualities. They have been really patient as we learn dances and put all their time and effort into the dance team. They are caring, passionate, and great people. Throughout my two years in the dance team, they have been very helpful and have inspired me to be a better dancer. They make learning each dance memorable and once we are close to performances they have the ability to settle everyone and overall make sure everyone is having fun. One of my favorite performances was downtown Santa Ana. We put all our time and effort for this performance and the outcome was amazing and all thanks to Daniela and Genesis,” said junior Aliris González. 

“Both Daniela and Genesis have become such big role models not only to me but the whole team. We were able to learn from two intelligent, hard-working, ambitious girls. You know in dance you don’t just learn dances, you learn how to communicate and how to bond with others and that’s so important. I want to thank them for being able to show us more than just how to become a better dancer. It takes so much to be a president and they both did it flawlessly and they were always there for us when we needed them. They are both the most hard-working people I’ve ever met. They also made it so enjoyable to be at practice and I never felt like I was forced to be there. My favorite performance was the last performance. Obviously we didn’t get to perform in front of our school but we were able to perform in front of people who didn’t know us and just to be there as a team felt like such an accomplishment,” said junior Jackie Robledo. 

“I’ve been in dance since freshman year and I’ve had the pleasure to work with Daniela and Genesis for three years now. They’ve always been incredibly kind and supportive of me. They both dance as if their life depended on it and it’s been awesome watching them grow as dancers and even more as a person. Each of them have inspired me one way or another through their hard work and dedication. My favorite performance with them has been the Santa Ana high school performance because they were able to handle all the pressure put on them very gracefully. They’ll always be important people in my life and I’m forever grateful to have met such amazing people,” said junior Brenda Granados. 

“I think that both Daniela and Genesis worked hard for the dance team and put a lot of effort into every dance. They were friendly and approachable. Great leaders. The both of them,” said 2020-2021 Dance Vice President Fabiola Gómez.

“What I’ve always loved about Daniela and Genesis is how well they worked together. They have a friendship that’s so pure and they have inspired me in many ways through their kindness. They have an incredible work ethic and dedication for dance and I’m truly happy to have seen them grow throughout the years. I’m glad they got to be President and Vice President for dance this school year because they’ve definitely earned it. What I’ve always loved about going to dance practice was the many laughs we all shared and how close we all grew together. Daniela and Genesis built a foundation that allowed everyone to be comfortable and encouraging towards one another,” said 2020-2021 Dance President  Michelle Kerk.

Mr. Kaneko, the dance team advisor, had this to say. 

“Including Daniela, I have known five different dance team presidents over a five years span. They are all excellent dancers and exceptional leaders, but Daniela has offered something intangibly different to the dance team. She is completely “selfless!”  All the performers I know of, dancers, musicals and artists etc. possess some degree of “ego.”  Nothing wrong with it (I have one too just in case you are wondering…), but you have to have that quality in order to perform in front of audiences IMHO. Daniela, on the other hand, she leads and performs without that! She is all about “self sacrificing.” She does not seek her own glory but searches for the “triumph” for the whole team. I am grateful for what she has done and how she has improved dance’s team culture. Daniela, thank you so much for everything you have done!

Genesis has been the most uniquely different vice president of the dance team I have ever known. She is very “vocal” and “outgoing” and she does not typically fit into a “traditional ” model of vice president but yet she is exceptionally supportive and caring. I vividly remember one scene from “Dance Festival” last December. We are surrounded by 12 of the best dance teams from all over Orange County. As far as the MCHS dance team goes, this is the most pressure cooker situation we have ever been and it really showed in their faces. Genesis, on the other hand, was acting like this is just another day! She even brought some games for all members to play in order for them to relax and enjoy the day. I knew that moment that she is the perfect vice president for the team. She and the president, Daniela, are the perfect match! They very much complement each other! Genesis, I love you for being just “you” and appreciate how you have performed as the vice president of the team. Thank you so much! I will miss you!” 

We will miss you Daniela and Genesis!