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Seniors enjoyed their prom and had a great time with their friends. Many memories were made and the night was a success.
A memorable night
May 28, 2024

Podcast: LosWizardPundits’ Euphony Part III


EDWARD MARTINEZ: Welcome back to Episode #3 of Los Wizard Pundits Euphony, I’m your host, Edward. 

ANTHONY ARIAS: And I’m your second host, Anthony.

MARTINEZ: Today, we will be rating the top 15 song submissions you have given us, again.

ARIAS: Wait, where’s Christian?

MARTINEZ: Oh, he decided to go on his own path and write his own article. If you guys miss him, you guys should definitely go check it out.

ARIAS: Oh yeah, I heard his article was gonna be about the SAC Thrive center.


ARIAS: Yeah, if you guys want to check it out, go to his page on The Spellbinder and make his story thrive.

MARTINEZ:  Well, that’s pretty cool, but enough with Christian, let’s get started with our ratings.

ARIAS: Well without further ado, 

All: Let’s start the show.

MARTINEZ:  All right, then let’s start with the first song, um, “Pride” by Kendrick Lamar. Ok, pretty cool intro.

ARIAS: Yeah, I like this intro.

MARTINEZ: Yeah. I like how it, you know, the ripples. 

ARIAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow that’s a good beat drop.

MARTINEZ: It is a good beat drop. Yeah, it sounds good, really good.

ARIAS: Yeah, it sounds good. I did not expect it to sound like this with the name.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, I thought it was gonna be something like…

ARIAS: Something like what?

MARTINEZ: Nevermind, nevermind.


MARTINEZ: But like his voice definitely matches the beat to the song and like…

ARIAS: What would you rate this song?

MARTINEZ: What would I rate this song? I would rate it… I still gotta kinda listen, it’s still like the first minute, but currently, it is definitely over a B.

ARIAS: Yeah, I agree, yeah I agree.

Edward: Ooh, ok the beat switch, I like it, I like it. Yeah, I rate it a B+. It’s definitely a good song.

ARIAS: Yeah I agree with you. I think a B+ is good for this. I like this song a lot.

MARTINEZ: I actually might add this to my playlist. It’s pretty good.

ARIAS: This song is a little bit depressing though.

MARTINEZ:  I live for that. Let’s go to the next song, “Something in the way.”

ARIAS:  By Nirvana.

MARTINEZ – By Nirvana, yeah.

ARIAS: You forgot to say that.

MARTINEZ: Alright. Ok slow beat. Pretty good.

ARIAS: Kinda a long intro.

MARTINEZ : Yeah something, Christian loves.

ARIAS: Oh ok.

MARTINEZ: You like it?

ARIAS: Um, the intro was very long to be honest, but it sounds good.

MARTINEZ: Personally, I feel like…

ARIAS: I think we just need to wait a little more.

MARTINEZ:  We wait for it, we wait for it? These first two songs are depressing.

ARIAS: Yeah, why are these songs so depressing?


ARIAS: I think it got better.

MARTINEZ:  I think I know what song this is.

ARIAS:  Oh wait, actually I think I remember this, was this song not in the movie, “Batman”? I remember this being in there.

MARTINEZ:  Really?

ARIAS: Yeah, remember that.

MARTINEZ:  Even though “Batman” is a pretty cool superhero, I don’t like the song at all. 

ARIAS: I wouldn’t say it is the best here. But I think it’s good.

MARTINEZ: I’ll give it a D. You?

ARIAS: I don’t think it is better than the first one, so I’ll give it a C. 

MARTINEZ:  So, that a D+?

ARIAS: D+ average, yeah. 

MARTINEZ: Alright next song. 

ARIAS: “La Chona,” who is by-


ARIAS: Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

MARTINEZ: Los Tucan-

ARIAS: Alright, let’s move on.

MARTINEZ: Oh, it’s this song.

ARIAS: Yeah. This song is good.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, pretty good.

ARIAS: Yeah, I recognize this song from a lot of parties.

MARTINEZ: Especially yours. But like you never go up to dance with anyone.

ARIAS: It is what it is. 

MARTINEZ: Pretty good song.

ARIAS: Yeah, I like this song.

MARTINEZ: You know how to dance to this song or nah? 

ARIAS: Nah, I don’t. How about you?

MARTINEZ: Yeah, yeah, I’m like that.

ARIAS: This song is good, what do you rate it?

MARTINEZ: I’ll rate it a C.

ARIAS: a C? I think it is the best one out of the other songs, I think I’ll put it higher, maybe a B+.

MARTINEZ: I feel like we have better songs coming soon so we still have…

ARIAS: I think I’ll keep it a B+, I think it’s pretty good. 

MARTINEZ: I just want to listen to it a little bit. Alright, let’s go to the next song, no?

ARIAS: Yeah.

MARTINEZ: Alright, so wait it a-

ARIAS: What do you rate it? 

MARTINEZ: I rate it a C.

ARIAS: I did B+, so maybe-


ARIAS: Or B-, actually B-.

MARTINEZ: Alright, next song, “When I Was Your Man,” Bruno Mars. So chat this song is kinda depressing. 

ARIAS: Yeah, it’s another depressing song. I think the people requesting these are a little depressed. I’m not sure though.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, is Middle College ok? Alright, I actually like songs like this because of Bruno Mars.

ARIAS: Yeah, Bruno Mars is a good artist. 

MARTINEZ: Really good. Really good song. 

ARIAS: It is a slow song though, a slow, depressing song.

MARTINEZ: Anthony would love this song.

ARIAS: Um, no I would not like this song. It is not very good. Why are you laughing at the song? I think it’s good.

MARTINEZ: It’s good, it’s good. 

ARIAS: The beat drop did help with that, but I don’t think it is the best, we heard.



MARTINEZ: Actually, I think it is a pretty decent song, so I’m gonna rate it again a C.

ARIAS: Nah, for me, yeah, it is gonna be C for me. 

MARTINEZ: So it’s a C?

ARIAS: Yeah, it’s a C, C. 

MARTINEZ: Ok, so that was “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars, let’s go on to the next song. Alright, “Boomerang” by Jojo Siwa. It is a good song.

ARIAS: I think it’s a good song, it’s good, I like it, I used to listen to it, I like it. 

MARTINEZ: You should sing along to it. Sing along to it. Come on, do it for the fans. 

ARIAS: I think-

MARTINEZ: Ok, from the songs I heard from Jojo Siwa, this is definitely one of the better ones. Sounds a lot like Kidz Pop. It’s definitely Kidz Pop or something like that. But ay, I don’t have no recognition or- 

ARIAS:You know what, this song is so um- sorry about that, but like the lyrics are kinda sad again even though the song is not that sad, it’s talking about haters and everything, you know people hating. 

MARTINEZ: Alright, we understand that we get a lot of hate.

ARIAS: I don’t get hate, I mean you know. 

MARTINEZ: I mean you do, what what what.

ARIAS: So what do you rate this song?

MARTINEZ: I rate this song a D.

ARIAS:  D? Um, yeah actually I think I will agree with you on this one, I think it’s a D. 

MARTINEZ: Jojo Siwa, please don’t for us. Alright, let’s go to the next one.

ARIAS: Yeah, let’s go to the next one? What was that, ok.

MARTINEZ: Alright, next song is gonna be “Glue” by what, Glue-

ARIAS: “Glue Song”-

MARTINEZ: Beabadoobee. I like the beat, it is peaceful. I actually like it, you?

ARIAS: I mean, I don’t know, I don’t really like this. It is not what I expect for a song called “Glue Song.” 

MARTINEZ: What were you expecting?

ARIAS: I was expecting such a good, good song that will stick to your head, be stuck to your head because it is a glue song.

MARTINEZ: But this song is actually good though!

ARIAS: Nah, it’s just not what I was expecting, I don’t like this one to be honest. I think it’s the worst one here. 

MARTINEZ: WHAT! That’s crazy.

ARIAS: So far, it is the worst one here. 

MARTINEZ: I’ll give this song a B because I actually like it.

ARIAS: Nah, this is a D for me, if not even a F. This is not something I would listen to. 

MARTINEZ: Damn, that is crazy, so harsh. Alright, this song was “Glue Song” by bea-ba-doo-bee and we rate it a C, I guess. Alright, next song.

ARIAS: Alright so…

MARTINEZ: I think this song, Anthony will actually like.

ARIAS: Let’s see what is this song is called?

MARTINEZ: “Barbie Girls” by Aqua. Yeah, you like this song, don’t you?

ARIAS: To be honest, it actually is better than the last one.

MARTINEZ: WHAT! I’m so offended. 

ARIAS: I do lowkey think it’s better than the last one.

MARTINEZ: Ok, maybe cause a disco party, I’m a Barbie girl. Oh you do you remember the time, in elementary or middle school, but we sat at the table singing, and blasted the song.

ARIAS: Yeah, yeah I remember that. It is a good song. 

MARTINEZ: It is a good song but definitely like a meme song.

ARIAS: More of a meme song, but it is still good.

MARTINEZ: Overall the beat is very good and is interesting, so whoever created the song is a good composer.

ARIAS: What do you rate it?

MARTINEZ: I rate it a B-.

ARIAS: B-, I think I give it a B+. Just B

MARTINEZ: So B. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. Let’s go to “Louis” by TV Girl. Not gonna lie, I didn’t hear the first part. 

ARIAS: Yeah, It kinda cut out for a little bit.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, ummm this might need some translation. 

ARIAS: Yeah, I just don’t like these slow songs. No, I much rather prefer the Barbie girl, the last one to be honest.

MARTINEZ: To be honest, I like TV Girl, but like this one is not hitting. I never heard of it though so I like it decent, but I don’t know.

ARIAS: This is a love song for sure, you can just tell from lyrics and pictures.

MARTINEZ: Alright, so I-I can see how people like it.

ARIAS: Well yeah, I could see how people like it, but it is not for me.

MARTINEZ: Me too, I give like a F. 

ARIAS: It is a D for me. Make it a D average, D-. 

MARTINEZ: This like one of the worst version songs in my opinion for this type of music and artist. But it is a pretty good song, but it doesn’t compare to the rest of the songs on the list. 

ARIAS: It is not a bad song, so move on to the next song, what is this song?

MARTINEZ: This song is gonna be “When you’re gone” The Cranberries. 

ARIAS: Is this another depressing song?

MARTINEZ: We have a lot of depressing songs.

ARIAS: Yeah, we have a lot of depressing songs in here. I can’t really tell how this is gonna go.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, imagine they switch up and go like rock.

ARIAS: That would be crazy. It feels long, but to be honest, I actually like this one.

MARTINEZ: I don’t.

ARIAS: It’s not my favorite, but I listen to this.

MARTINEZ: Of course. I wouldn’t, this is not my type of style. I’m gonna be brutally honest, a D.

ARIAS: I think this is not that bad, I’m giving it a C. We can do a C-.

MARTINEZ: C-, what was the other one?

ARIAS: It was a D-, little better than the last one. 

MARTINEZ: Keep at a D. 

ARIAS: We move on to the next song?

MARTINEZ: Yes. Alright, “At My Worst” Pink Sweat$. That’s how you say it, right I didn’t mess up?

ARIAS: Yeah, that’s how you say it. 

MARTINEZ: Ohhh, I like the vocals. I like it.

ARIAS: Oh so you like love songs, ok is there a reason for that? 

MARTINEZ: Nah, Nuh uh.

ARIAS: You sure?

MARTINEZ: Nuh uh. 

ARIAS: Ok, I could tell you prefer love songs over depressing songs.

MARTINEZ: Somebody who loves at worst, yeah I like this song.

ARIAS: I don’t really. It’s not my favorite, but I don’t think it’s bad.

MARTINEZ: I just like the vocals and the beat. It makes me feel good.

ARIAS: If I had, I would have to give this a C tier. It not that good, but it’s not…

MARTINEZ – I’m giving this an A.

ARIAS: Wow, that high score.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, oh wait, alright so next song guys?

ARIAS: Alright, let’s go to the next song. Where is the next song, sir?

MARTINEZ: “Wheels on the bus” by Verna Hills, Alright, let me hear it. I should have known, I should have known.

ARIAS: It is not a bad song. 

MARTINEZ: It is not. Lowkey, I’m kinda vibing to it. Ohh this is gonna be a hard choice, this might be one of the best songs out here. 

ARIAS: Maybe. I mean it’s a good song but it just repeats, it’s a bit repetitive. 

MARTINEZ: I think it is a nursery rhyme, I think that is what is supposed to happen.

ARIAS: You’re right. 

MARTINEZ: Sorry my bad, Alright I give this song a C. It’s pretty good.

ARIAS: Yeah, I give it a C too. 

MARTINEZ: One of my favorites.

ARIAS: Ummm, actually no cause your favorite was the A not C.

MARTINEZ: Oh yeah, I forgot.

ARIAS: Alright, let’s move on to the next song.

MARTINEZ: Next song gonna be “Crybaby” by The Neighbour-

ARIAS: Neighbourhood.

MARTINEZ: Hood, I forgot to say ‘hood. 

ARIAS: I feel like it’s gonna be another long intro.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, didn’t we already review a song called Neighbourhood.

ARIAS: I don’t think we did. It’s a good like-it’s a good song.

MARTINEZ: It’s a good song but like-

ARIAS: If I had to choose though, I listen to this over “Wheels on the Bus.”

MARTINEZ: I think anyone would listen to this song over “Wheels on the Bus” unless you’re a child.

ARIAS: I think it is a good song.

MARTINEZ: Ok yeah, he has good syndication with his vocals and overall pretty good, I’m impressed.

ARIAS: For me, I think this gonna be a B, if “The Wheels on the Bus” was a C, this is a B. 

MARTINEZ: I’ll give it a C. 

ARIAS: Ok, so which one do you prefer, “Wheels on the Bus” or this one.

MARTINEZ: I don’t know, “The Wheels on the Bus” was fire lowkey.

ARIAS: Oh yeah, ok so let’s move on to the next song.

MARTINEZ: NEXT SONG COMING THROUGH IS “Call out my name” by the Weeknd. 

ARIAS: Are you laughing at the song? Come on man.

MARTINEZ: Another depressing song. We should call this the depressing unit.

ARIAS: I think Middle College High School is a little bit sad.

MARTINEZ: I think we might have to check out some therapy. Wait, there is a beat drop.

ARIAS: Oh is there, let’s wait for that.

ALL: Ohhhh.

ARIAS: That a good beat drop not gonna lie, the song at first wasn’t it.

MARTINEZ: It wasn’t hitting but when it went oohhish. You know what just because of the beat drop, I’m putting this to an A. 

ARIAS: To be honest because of the beat drop a B+, the song itself was not the best at first, but the beat drop really changed it. 

MARTINEZ: So it a-

ARIAS: Maybe like an A-.

MARTINEZ: A-, G&d d%$n. 

ARIAS: The beat drop really changed the song. 

MARTINEZ: The beat drop is kinda sick, it just came out of nowhere. Let’s go on to “Flatline.”

ARIAS: Ok, “Flatline” by Justin Bieber. Let’s move on.

MARTINEZ: Oh, it’s your favorite song. 

ARIAS: Woah, this song is not my favorite. Nah, this song is not the best. Definitely, not the best in here.

MARTINEZ: Yeah, I don’t like it.

ARIAS: I don’t like it either, I ain’t gonna lie, this gonna be a F tier. 

MARTINEZ: Then we are twinning than sorry, Justin Beiber but like this probably least decent song out here.

ARIAS: Two F tiers? Yeah, this is not a good song. I think it’s the worst one here. Alright, let’s move on to the last song of the podcast. So what is the song name?


ARIAS: “Te Quiero”

MARTINEZ: “Te Quiero” by Hombres-

ARIAS: Hombres G


ARIAS: Is this another depressing song, it is.

MARTINEZ: Another depressing song. 

ARIAS: Wow, half the songs are half depressing.

MARTINEZ: Yes, sir.

ARIAS: What do you think about this?

MARTINEZ: I think it is pretty good but definitely not one of my favorites.

ARIAS: Yeah, I have to agree with you on this one. I just don’t think it’s the best one here. Ok, I just think this song isn’t good so this is a F tier for me.

MARTINEZ: F tier too but like…

ARIAS: Yeah, it’s just not good.


ARIAS: You think this the worst one here.

MARTINEZ: Mmmhh, Yeah. I kinda liked the other much better not gonna lie.

ARIAS: “Wheels on the Bus”

MARTINEZ: “Flatline”

ARIAS: Jojo Siwa, I think those were top tier songs, looking back maybe even the best song in podcast.

MARTINEZ: Oh what was the best song, actually?

ARIAS: Umm, I’m unsure, we gonna need to review that. Check in…

MARTINEZ: So guys that’s enough with our rating, let’s move on to the outro. Let’s get started with the outro. You know what out of all these songs, which one was your favorite?

ARIAS: Ummm, to be honest, like they were actually a pretty good amount of songs. But if I had to choose I feel like my best was probably “Call out my name” by The Weeknd. The beat drop really did change the whole song. So that’s my favorite. 

MARTINEZ: Yeah, It really did. But um, personally I actually like um, “At My Worst” by Pink’s Sweat$. 

ARIAS: Um, why was that your favorite?

MARTINEZ: The beat and the vibe gives off, it was really fun.

ARIAS: That one was good too but um. 

MARTINEZ: So I guess like I guess the best one was like The Weeknd one. We gave it like A- which was one of the best scores so I say whoever submitted um…

ARIAS: Whoever submitted that one is definitely the best one.

MARTINEZ: Is the winner. Let’s go check if it’s a freshman.

ARIAS: It was a freshman, but it was submitted by an anonymous person. 

MARTINEZ: Well, sadly we won’t be able to award you but your song was great and we enjoyed it, Well.

ARIAS: All right. so If you guys enjoyed this podcast and want to see more, make sure to give some love to our page on Spotify and Spellbinder by sharing our podcast or giving us some feedback. 

MARTINEZ: Well until next time on Los Wizards Pundits Euphony.

ALL: See you guys next year.

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